Mobile Printers perfect for businessmen – but who else?

A lot of people can see the use in portable printers – but there two sides of the story and I get emails all the time from people telling me that they’re a waste of time.  Wrong.  Why?  Find out below.

Ok let’s face it these aren’t going to be suited to everyone; certainly not everyone out there is going to be able to utilize these in their daily lives.  Saying this there is most certainly a wide spectrum of people out there that want this type of device – maybe they just don’t know it yet.

Now there’s no denying that these are useful for businessmen and professionals who need high quality charts and crisp black and white text reports on the go.  On the other hand don’t forget that you can use a mobile printer for a variety of tasks such as printing high resolution photographs.

Most people are under the impression that portable printing is the bottom of the barrel, lowest quality print outs.  This couldn’t be further from the truth, and although of course there’s variation amongst the different designs the reality is that all of the inkjet based designs (which are really the only ones worth mentioning) in the last 5 years are all capable of reaching impressive resolution figures of around 4800 x 1200 dpi which make them able to print out high resolution photographs.

This photograph printing ability really does open up the doorway from leisure and a business perspective.  If you want to impress your clients with photo quality business cards then you know what to buy.  If you want to impress your family overseas after a group photo by taking out your mobile printer and whipping out snaps for everyone then… well you get the picture right?  Get it?  Picture?

Moving on the reality is that printers like the Canon PIXMA iP100 are really multifunctional in what they can do.  Now please don’t confuse this with all in one printer, because those can scan, fax, copy and do back flips.  But considering that these are transportable, lightweight, compact, and capable of multiple wireless connections and can print out a variety of different media prints then there’s no denying how useful they are to a whole host of different people.

I for one think that they’re the future in terms of the next generation of printers.  Let’s face it, all technology is becoming more portable and more wireless.  We can already see it happening with Apple’s AirPrint or HP’s ePrint and it’s only a matter of time before printers stop being hooked into the wall.

The technology isn’t as developing anywhere near as fast as some areas such as the smart phone business, but overall you’ll find that its quickening in pace.  The products are getting better and better and ultimately it’s only a matter of time before Apple releases ‘Portable AirPrint Printers’ or HP does the same with its ePrint designs.  The question is can you keep up with the chance?

It might be worth checking out our page on the the few things about the best mobile printers if you want to learn more about why going for mobile printers may be the bet… or worst option for you.

Generally I would say that cheap mini portable printers for laptops will be the best option for the majority of people, but just remember that the running costs can add up substantially because believe it or not, but ink for inkjet based mobile printers is even more expensive than the regular extortionate costs.

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