Mobile Photo Printers and PictBridge

For photographers who want to take a photograph on their camera and print it out then and there, a portable photo printer, camera and PictBridge are three vital components.

What is PictBridge?


PictBridge is software pre-installed on PictBridge-enabled cameras and printers which allows direct-to-printer printing without the need of an immediate, usually a laptop or computer.

I personally don’t see the use for having it outside of mobile printing, because surely if you’re at home you can just use the computer anyway?

Regardless, I do think that for photographers a portable printer which is capable of laboratory quality photo printing is vital.  Just remember that almost all of the devices produced by HP and Canon (the only manufacturers you should care about) in the last 8 years have all been photo capable.

The best device out at the moment is by Canon and is a tremendous portable inkjet photo printer with double the color resolution of any of its competitors.

Using PictBridge is very simple and you’d be surprised how hard it is to find information on the internet.

This is how it works:


  • Make sure both your printer and camera are PictBridge-enabled.
  • Purchase a standard 2 way usb cable (this is what they don’t tell you anywhere) and simply connect each device via its usb ports together.
  • A screen menu will automatically open on your camera’s screen interface.
  • This has basic options which allows you to control what you want printing out.

As you can see it’s pretty much idiot proof.

I really do think this culminates in some pretty incredible things, it allows someone with the right camera and printer to be able to produce ultra high quality photographs on the go.  This is something unique and it hasn’t been done before.

The best example possible would be to use a wireless Canon Inkjet photo printer because they have the highest resolution figures and best user-rated reliability.

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