The Limitations of Color Printing using a Thermal Mobile Printer

You’ll find thermal portable printers great for a lot of reasons, but there is a significant limitation when it comes to color printing. One of the main problems with using a thermal printer is that their color printing is limited to just two colors.
  •  The most common you’ll see is black, but by using two heat temperate at the same time then the color red can be produced.

However it’s very clear that being able to print just either black or red isn’t very useful at all. So why buy a thermal portable printer?

  • Well one of the main reasons to buy them is because they’re so compact.  They don’t have moving parts and so the space they (inkjet heads for example) would need to move into is not there.

Anything else?

  • You’ll find they’re more lightweight as well, one of the main reasons being they don’t need ink cartridges
  • They rely on heating the thermal paper which also makes them more reliable because everything is firmly fixed in place without space to fall into.

What’s the best option for color printing?  Well a mobile thermal printer is admittedly not going to do a good job so the next best option is by Canon You’ll find that the Canon PIXMA iP100 Wireless Photo Printer has double the resolution of its HP competitor. It its 9600 x 2400 dpi as opposed to 4800 x 1200 dpi, and most importantly it’s actually slightly cheaper too.

  • Not being able to print in color is one of the main reasons people choose not to go for thermal technology.

So why do people go for them?They’re absolutely portable.  In terms of size and weight they’re far superior.  They have internal thermal paper rolls and Bluetooth adapters.

  • Inkjet’s only have external adapters and the paper cannot be stored inside.

If you’re looking for absolute transportability then I’d definitely recommend a thermally based device. The best out there at the moment is the Brother PocketJet 6 Plus and that’s what I personally use on a day to day basis.

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