Non-Existent Laser Mobile Printers for Cars, Laptops and Pixy Dust

I discovered a shocking secret when I first started writing this page.  The word ‘pixy’ is technically not a word.  I then discovered a second shocking secret – there are no conventional portable laser printers.

But there are laser printers which you can put in your car and use with your laptop (and even manage all of this using a wireless connection).

What do I mean by conventional?

A portable printing device is characterized by one unique feature above all – a battery.  There are currently no laser printers which have a battery making them somewhat un-portable.

Furthermore I would hypothesize that by ‘portable’ we mean ‘small’ and ‘lightweight’ – whereas in fact you may have noticed that almost all printers which utilize laser technology (as opposed to inkjet or thermal) are very big.  Much bigger than their counterparts.

So what are my options for a mobile laser printer?


Ok so here’s the scoop.  You’re definitely not going to be able to carry around a laser based device in a bag along with your laptop like you would with the iP100 inkjet mobile printer.

There’s a reason you’ll see this particular printer promoted on the side of every page of my website (because it’s the best).

But there are still some definite uses and advantages to owning one.  Firstly as I’m sure you know, they’re much quicker and much cheaper to use.

Their printing speeds are off the charts when compared to thermal battery printers and when contrasted with inkjet battery printers are still relatively fast.

What’s more is their use of toner instead of ink cartridges makes them an attractive option in terms of saving money… especially for people who are doing a lot of printing over a long period of time.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t any disadvantages… only that to the right person they’re a great piece of equipment and an excellent tool for conducting business.

If you want to use a laser printer in your car then you’ll need the printer itself, I suggest to go with Canon and not HP because HP is kind of terrible.  It’s just that no one else seems to have noticed yet.

Next you’ll need a power transformer which goes from your cigarette lighter in your car to the printer so that it has power.  Finally if you want a wireless connection you have to program a stand a lone wireless router and use that in your vehicle too.

Here’s an  informative video of a man doing just that (because I know you just read all of that and thought ‘what?!’) apart from he’s wanting to utilize AirPrint and ePrint for his iPad.

Brother HL-2270DW Compact Laser Printer

It costs 80 dollars and is one of the most highly rated and reliable printers on the market. Remember… Brother’s at your side! Click on the image to find out more.

You don’t need the WiFi point as long as you don’t mind manually plugging it in with USB old school style.  Saying that it is a little bit of a hassle and having a fully functioning WiFi laser printer for your car is pretty impressive.

Depending on what you buy you may not even need to use or create a wireless access point.  Most allow for Bluetooth connectivity although you’ll probably have to fork out 40-60 dollars for their extortionate adapters.

With Bluetooth you’ll be able to activate the Bluetooth on a regular laptop or smartphone and transfer the data wirelessly.  If you have an iPhone or iPad don’t even think about this though.  Apple has imposed limitations which mean that they essentially cannot detect each other.

It’s not just a winner… it’s a beautiful winner.

You need to got through their software (AirPrint) or the software of one of their ally’s (HP’s ePrint explained) if you want everything to work properly.  Please note that these are for WiFi only devices and currently do not support Bluetooth.

Being able to create your own WiFi hot spot is pretty useful and it’s probably a much easier solution than setting up your own personal wireless access point.

However there are better options (here are some brief reviews)


If I’m being honest I wouldn’t go for a laser device if I wanted a printer to use for work when travelling.  It’s a hassle, it’s big, it’s bulky and it’s not easy to figure out.

If I wanted a really tiny device I’d go for the Mini PocketJet 6 Plus Bluetooth printer… it’s literally the size of a laptop’s battery.  You could even carry it in your pocket it’s that small.

It’s just about large enough for A4 sized printing and that’s it.  It also features a paper roll inside so that you don’t even need to carry paper with you unless you want to print out a lot of work.

The downside is that it’s a black and white only printer, which is fine for some people but there are plenty of people who will want color and photograph printing.

In this case I’d suggest the OfficeJet 100 wireless printer might be a good option for you, it’s very similar to the iP100 by Canon and I suggest you make comparisons between them to find out what’s best.

These bad boys (I’m such a nerd) are capable of high resolution photograph printing (as good as what you get at Walmart) which makes them a very attractive proposition for some.

If you want to impress people with both speedy and detailed printing then these two are going to destroy the competition… the only downside  being that they’re both much larger than the PJ 6 Plus.

They’re around the size of a netbook apart from they’re twice as thick, although they’re somewhat similar in weight.  They’re still much better than a laser device which is the size of an 80’s block TV.

I hope you’ve found this post informative.  If you have some questions to ask then feel free to ask away below.  If you don’t have any questions to ask but you think your friends will find this useful then please send it to them.

If there’s one thing you’ve learnt I hope it’s that pixy is apparently not a real word.  I suggest taking it up with your local Councillor, or something.

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