Large Portable Printers – why they’ll be cheaper than compact ones

Large Portable Printers are pretty tough to review, because many people assume that large portable printers are useless – but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Interested?  Then you must read on to find out more..!

You see when the phrase a portable printer is coined then different images appear in different people’s minds.  You see the first thing people jump to, is what they could use the printers for.  From here, they assume that all people must ues them like this and that there’s no other real use for them.  They couldn’t be further from the truth.

One of the things about wireless portable printers that I enjoy so much is in fact the versatility of the product.  You see, as I said above, if I were to mention the phrase portable printer to them, they might picture themselves on a train to work, quickly printing out some documents or data.  But if I was to use the same phrase on a different person, that individual may picture a portable printer being shared amongst his family.  This person’s family may have only ever had one printer, with all members of the family needing to print on a regular basis.  For this person, the hassle of printing is reduced massively because he no longer has to deal with USB sticks and so fourth being shoved into his face with documents that need printing out.

That’s why large portable printers are pretty much a niche portable printer only specific to certain types of people.  You see, that same person on the train to work couldn’t carry a large portable printer around with them – it’s just too heavy.  But that same portble printer could be briefly carried from room to room to be set down for printing by different people in the same house.

Now if you were to contrast that with a small, but one of the best wireless portable printer models it wouldn’t be much use.  Why?  Well although small mobile printers clearly would be easier to carry around then their larger portable printer models.  They will come with far less functions, such as not being able to print in color.  To the family who need this portable printer it’s a necessity – but to the office worker who just needs to print out black and white text it’s a completely different ball game.  That’s why large portable printers may be more useful than you think.


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