Small Mobile Laptop Printers (Wireless and Bluetooth Available)

Laptop printer models are printers that are specifically designed to accompany a laptop in printing.  Laptop printers are almost always portable, sometimes coming in the form of wireless portable printer models.

Portable Printers for Laptops…


Laptop printers are almost certainly portable solely because of the fact that of course laptops are portable, and for something to accompany it, it too needs to be a transportable device.

Laptop printer models tend to be quite small mobile printers for laptops, meaning they tend to be very portable.  They’re generally quite small, often only able to print through one piece of A4 paper at a time.  This means they’re often just the width required to be able to get an A4 piece through.  They tend to be moderately cheap in comparison to most wireless portable printer models for several reasons.

For a start more wireless portable printers for laptops  need to be small, this means some of the abilities are sacrificed when in comparison to regular portable printers for laptops.  For example, they may not come with color printing as standard.  To some people this would seem pretty horrific, but lets face it, most people using a laptop printer will use it for work-related matters – and these don’t often entail color printing.

Portable Laptop Printers

Portable Laptop Printers

Another further example would be portable printer for laptops battery and ink capacities.  Generally since they are smaller, their battery will tend to be smaller meaning it is able to print much fewer sheets before re-charging.  Also, in relation to ink capacities again, it will tend to be smaller then regular portable printers simply due to the fact that it’s smaller and will hold less.  This tends to mean that the laptop printer will only often printer of around one hundred sheets before needing to be powered up again.  The ink tanks will last somewhat longer, but will still not to be re-filled relatively regularly.

Laptop Printers

Laptop Printers

A4 Size Small Portable Printers

This may seem like a factor that would limit the amount of people that would buy it, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Although it’s true that it does need much more looking after as far as printers go.  When looking at it logically although it does need re-stocking faster than other models, it’s unlikely you’re going to be printing out hundreds of sheets at once, so this isn’t usually a problem.  However if you do know that you’ll be doing excessive printing, then clearly a small mobile printer isn’t for you.

Interested in learning more?  Check out our page portable printing for laptops for info on the latest devices.

Laptop Printers

Laptop Printers

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