Is Brother’s PocketJet 6 Compatible with the iPad? Will it Work?

No.  Go ahead and thank me because I just saved you a hell of a lot of time.  The Brother PocketJet 6 is non compatible with the iPad.  Let me put this another way, no mobile Bluetooth printers are compatible with the iPad… or iPhone for that matter.  They won’t work, they don’t work and they most likely never will work.  I would love to use my PocketJet 6 Plus with Bluetooth with my iPad.  But I can’t, because of Apple.

It’s not Brother’s fault… the blame lies squarely on Apple and their desire for a complete monopoly of their products and what they can interact with.  It’s completely understandable, its built them so much success and a hell of a lot of money… but when it degrades my user experience then we’ve got a problem.

One reason why the PocketJet 6 Plus (with Bluetooth) will not work with the iPad (or iPhone)


What you must understand is that all current mobile printers which use thermal technology allow for both wired and wireless data transfer.  The problem is that the wireless method of communication is Bluetooth and not WiFi.  With the correct printer app it is indeed possible to printer from your Apple device to a portable printer… you just need to make sure it uses WiFi.  This is because ePrint and AirPrint use WiFi and not Bluetooth – and those are the only two pieces of software you can print with.

Limitations are specifically built into Apple’s software (and even hardware – it’s why they’re so difficult to open) which makes it impossible to some cases for personal modifications to take place.

Brother PocketJet 6 Plus is not iPad Compatible

At the moment AirPrint and ePrint are how Apple’s mobile devices can communicate with printers, but since the authorized AirPrint and ePrint printers aren’t portable and only use Bluetooth it means that no attempt has been made to make the iPad or iPhone compatible with other printers (such as the PocketJet 6 Plus or PlanOn’s PrintStik).

The real shame about this is that one of the reasons the the iPad is so popular is because it’s small and lightweight… because it’s so damn portable.  The PJ 6 Plus is the smallest, more compact and lightweight mobile printer in the entire world at the moment.  There’s simply nothing which tops it.  Using these two products in conjunction with each other would be an absolute dream for many professionals, but it just isn’t possible.

Can you connect via a USB cable?


The short answer is again a stark no.  As I’m sure you know it’s never quite as easy with Apple as it is with Microsoft.  You can’t just stick in some cable and connect the two together if it’s not in line with the status quo.

It has occurred to me that in the future there’s a strong likelihood that Apple will endorse the production of a compatible portable printer.  I think it will be a similar situation to that where Apple allowed for its AirPrint technology to work with HP’s AirPrint Compatible Printers.

It’s likely that HP or Canon or some other major manufacturer will produce probably just one printer which is designed for their products specifically.  I’m talking not just about the iPad or iPhone but their MacBookPro laptops too.  It will probably be designed not to work with anything else… but if there is one thing I’m sure of it’s that it’ll probably look damn sexy.

When will there ever be a small compatible wireless mobile printer for the iPad?


Geez I don’t know, probably within a few years but perhaps maybe never.  I get more people finding my website who are searching for some kind of iPad mobile printer than i do for anything else.  This website has been around for many years now and it’s no long ‘wireless portable printer’ which is the most highly sought after phrase… it’s any variation of ‘for iPad’ or ‘for iPads’ of ‘for the iPad 1, 2 or 3’ and don’t even get me started on how many ‘will it work with’ or ‘what works with the…’ and so on and so forth.  It’s kind of insane.

Canon iP100 Mobile Photo Printer Will Work with the iPad

I think the demand is definitely there, and just like how few people imaged that tablets would take off so amazingly it could very well be the same with an iPad battery printer.  No one thinks it’ll happen because at the moment they can’t see how useful it would be – but as someone who has spent years building up a website purely devoted to this type of technology then let me tell you that the possibilities are endless.

It might be worth checking out my page on mobile printers which will work with the iPad.

To start with there are literally hundreds of applications which relate to both business and pleasure.  Let’s say you’re at a conference and you need to print of documents, business cards and even photographs of clients or products… it’s all possible.  It’s all possible in style to, the devices are small and wireless which gives a very professional look and feel.

But what about any number of workmen or professionals who need to visit your homes.  Perhaps they’re painting the walls or fixing your computer, it doesn’t matter, the one thing they have in common is that they need to give you an invoice.  This would mean going home and dropping it off and another date, that’s a hell of a lot of hassle.  On the other hand they can whip out their laptop, smart phone or Apple device and simply sent the information to your car and print it right out.  This is true of receipts, notifications and forms… there are an in calculable amount of different uses for this type of equipment.

But let’s take a step back and look at what the iPad is really used for.  Sure there are some professionals who use it for work, but it’s far more widely used for pleasure and casual use.  What if you were with friends or visiting family and you take some amazing photographs.  Instead of having to wait perhaps a very long time to give them a copy you can just instantly print them from you photo printer (which is as small as a notebook) and hand them a copy… cool huh?

What mobile printers are iPad compatible?


There are essentially two different options.  These options both have two things in common, they’re relatively new (being just a few years old which in the portable printer game is very new indeed)  and they have WiFi capabilities.

I am of course talking about the Canon iP100 mobile WiFi printer and the OfficeJet 100 mobile WiFi Printer by HP.

These are both fantastic printers and although I recommend the iP100 for most people there’s still a good reason for using both of them.

With the correct printer application these will work with the iPad, they can be made to be iPad compatible but unfortunately they do not inherently come able to.  This means you will have to put a little bit of effort in to making things work but it’s nothing that someone with a little bit of computer knowledge can’t handle.  It’s as easy as downloading and installing the application, making sure the printer’s drivers are up to date and the same with your Apple device.

The OfficeJet 100 will work with the iPad

You may perhaps encounter errors but the support for these printer apps is very good so unless you can’t follow simple instructions then you’ll be fine.

The benefit these two printers have over the PJ 6 Plus is that they’re color printers too.  One sacrifice which you have to make with going for the PJ 6 Plus is that it is a black and white only travel printer.  It’s tiny in size but it’s certainly a ‘work’ computer designed for ‘in the field use’ more than anything else.

Find out more about Portable Printers


You can find out everything you need to know about portable printers from my homepage – – which has information on all the best products, as well as reviews and recommendations depending on your situation.

If you don’t know much about this type of device then going to the homepage is definitely the best place to start and it’ll put you in the best position possible for making an informed choice.

If you take a look to the right hand side you’ll see that the three main printers which I recommend are on that side.  I personally think that they’re by far the best but whether you want to trust what I’m saying right now or do further research on my website is up to you.  I’m a strong advocate of peer user reviews to help you make an informed choice, which is why I advocate using websites such as Amazon when you’re making a purchase.  This let’s you get a feel for what everyone else is thinking as well as their problems and personal reviews.

Thanks for reading y’all!

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