Is the Canon PIXMA iP100 Compatible with the iPad?

One question I get asked a lot is whether the Canon PIXMA iP100 is compatible with the iPad.  People ask me “will my iPad work with the Canon iP100 mobile printer?” or somethimes if they’re smart it’s more along on the lines of “does the Canon PIXMA iP100 support AirPrint Printopia?”.  On this page you’ll find out everything with regards to the iP100’s compatibility with the iPad via AirPrint and ePrint.

In a nutshell – will the iPad print from the Canon iP100 portable printer


Yes.  Well… sort of.  I know that doesn’t sound like a particularly fulfilling answer but you need to know that the real answer is ‘it depends’.  No one likes ‘it depends’ as an answer but it’s the correct one.  Let me explain.

To print via your iPad (or iPhone) you’ll need to go through their dedicated printing software – either AirPrint or ePrint.  Unfortunately as pretty as Apple’s operating system iOS is they’re not ‘plug and play’ type software which can make them very annoying to use.  You can’t just activate Bluetooth on your mobile printer and your iPad and expect them to find each other and print, and the same is true of connection via USB.  This is an issue created by Apple and for Apple’s bottom life profit margins.

Dedicated printing software for Apple such as AirPrint requires a printer which is capable of receiving information sent via AirPrint.  Therefore you either need a mobile AirPrint printer (and there are none… they are all stationary) or you need a regular mobile printer which can use wireless connectivity and can be utilized with a wireless iPad printer app such as by Printopia.

Seeing as the iP100 isn’t a dedicated AirPrint printer (there are no mobile AirPrint mobile printers) you’ll need a printer application such as by Printopia which allows your printer to work with the iPad.  You can go to my portable printer for the iPad page to find out more about the entire process but essentially the Canon PIXMA iP100 will work with the iPad as long as you install the printer application.

So the answer to the overall of whether the iP100 is compatible or not is – no it is not compatible unless you purchase and install the correct printer application in which case it can be made to be compatible.  You don’t just need to use Printopia by the way because there are other products on the market but this is what I’ve personally tested on my own iPad 2 so I can’t and won’t guarantee the results of other third party pieces of software.

Why Canon’s PIXMA iP100 is the best mobile printer to use with the iPad


The best mobile iPad printer is without a doubt the PIXMA iP100 by Canon.  I’ll go over why it’s the best and then I recommend you do a little more research into the topic before inevitably following the advice from a man who has an entire website dedicated to wireless portable printers and has studied their functionality for years.

To start with there are not many portable printers.  There aren’t many recent portable printers.  There aren’t many recent portable printers which allow WiFi connectivity.  In fact there are only about 4.  Two are by Canon and two are by HP.  I’m going to immediately rule two of these out because they’re incredibly old.  The reason I’ll rule them out is because they’re hard to find, expensive, less reliable and have worst specifications.  I know that doesn’t seem to make sense – being worse and more expensive… but it’s the case so it’s an unfortunate situation we both must live with.

Your two options are the printer that this page is about (and in my opinion the best wireless portable color printer at this moment in time) which is, of course, the Canon iP100 mobile printer – and the second option is HP’s OfficeJet 100 for iPad (it too can be used in conjunction with Printopia).  Both of these are good, albeit expensive, mobile iPad printers.

The reason that I think the iP100 is superior is because it’s more reliable, 50 dollars cheaper (assuming you buy it from Amazon), quicker and has superior specifications.  Reliability results have been taken from my own personal experiences with both products including the occasional jams and break downs after purposeful extensive usage.  The 50 dollars comparison is just a simple comparison of both printers.  The printing speeds are taken from the specifications from both of the manufacturer’s websites.  The superior specifications are also taken from the specifications of both of the manufacturer’s websites.

The truth is that the iP100 is just better in almost every aspect – it’s both cheaper and better.  It’s smaller, faster, sharper… it’s just a winner.  All of this may change when the new OfficeJet 150 by HP is finally released but until that date I would say that the iP100 reigns as king of mobile printing – not just mobile printing via the iPad but mobile printing with laptops and indeed smartphones and other communication devices.

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