The Best and Cheapest Wireless Mobile Printers Featured on Amazon

People sometimes ask me where’s the best place to find a wireless portable printer and the truth is that the best place is probably the place you already are going to all the time – Amazon.

When it comes down to it they’re simply much better value for money and they come with Amazon’s reliable return policy’s which in the case of what can sometimes be prone to breaking printers this is a very good deal.  One thing which is very important is to recognize that there are definitely some unscrupulous sells on Amazon.  They usually operated by selling second hand or refurbished printers which aren’t produced anymore.  They may have fake reviews or it may just been a reasonably blank looking account but they exist purely to sell products which they know are broken and have to intention of refunding you.  I’d be very careful in buying printers which deviated from recommended sellers and it can be a stressful process to try and sort out – most times you will not get your money back.

Just remember that when it comes to HP and Canon they only produce and sell one printer model each.  Each of them only has one portable printer which they upgrade and release a new design of every 2-3 years.  Personally when it comes down to it I think going for Canon’s latest wireless portable printer is really the best thing to do.  HP has gone really downhill in the last ten years and I’ve not seen more complaints against their products than any other company.

What’s worse about HP is that their custom support is terrible, it’s really bad and I’ve got first hand experience at just how bad it is.  I’ve been transfered to so many different people, put on hold for hours at a time – and what’s worse is at the end of the day I feel like I’m just talking to someone who doesn’t actually know what they’re talking about and is only reading instructions of a screen.  You won’t get put through to anyone with any real, technical expertise so don’t expect to.

Overall if you’re serious about buying a wireless portable printer then generally Amazon is the best place.  Canon’s designs are superior and this is especially true of their more recent models, five minutes just taking a look at the reviews will verify what I’m saying.  Finally it may be worth buying second hand printers but I’m sometimes cautious to recommending it because you need to check the seller’s account and reviews and put on your spy-hat, read through and look for any signs or clues that their reviews have been manipulated in some way.  Obviously it’s sometimes impossible but in other instances you’ll tend to notice similar writing styles which give you a clue as to whether the seller is a genuine or is going to sell you a piece of trash and then walk away.

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