One Important Capability about the Bluetooth in the Brother PocketJet Range you didn’t know..

People don’t know the difference between Bluetooth in either Inkjet or Thermal mobile printers, but there’s a big one.

Bluetooth is accessible via external or internal adapters such as in the Brother PocketJet Range.

External adapters are either dongles which are connected to usb ports, or Compact Flash cards which are inserted into CF type one slots.

  • However for inkjet based printers you can only buy externally based Bluetooth adapters, you cannot have them installed inside.

When it comes to the Brother PocketJet printers, you can actually purchase different versions of the device depending on what you want.

  • You can buy ‘With Bluetooth’ where the adapter is internally installed.
  • Or you can buy the regular versions where you need an usb external dongle.

What’s the big deal?

Well if you have an external adapter it’s far more likely to get knocked out, damaging the printer and the dongle (which is around 50-70 dollars).

If you have it internally installed…

  • You reduce the amount of printing items you need to carry, it’s one less thing to worry about and take care of.
  • You cannot accidently break it or knock it out whilst printing.

Can any inkjet printers have internal Bluetooth?

No, there is only one printer which can have it ‘mounted’ within, but that’s still an external adapter just placed inside.  But it’s still an improvement.

The Brother PocketJet 6 Plus is a good example of a powerful thermal printer which is mobile with internal Bluetooth

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