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This doesn’t usually affect my decision when I’m buying a wireless portable printerto take a look at, but HP’s customer service is literally terrible – it’s the worst I’ve ever had to endure in my life.

Now look, let’s be honest, most customer services aren’t particularly good, they’re generally frustrating and annoying to endure.  But never have I had to restrain myself from swearing or focus my attention on ‘winning’ the battle that I felt like I was fighting on the phone when I was talking to their staff.

To start with HP’s outsourced their customer support to a country where the English is terrible.  I don’t know what this country is, and if I went there I still wouldn’t know because no one would be able to tell me.  What I do know is that simply communicating basic English to them is a battle that is not easily won and will be fought long and hard.  Simply trying to tell them what’s wrong is difficult enough let alone them actually fixing the problem.

Believe me when I say you’ll have to talk to many different people, you’ll be placed on hold for incredible lengths of time and you will occasionally be hung up on.  When it comes down to it they’re meant to be providing a product and with that product comes a service, and that service is very simply non existent.  It’s just not there.  I tried calling to get a HP portable printer repaired and I got almost nothing achieve.

Here’s the bottom line.  Their support service is designed to dissuade people from getting refunds or their product repaired.  It’s purposefully created to be as difficult and frustrating as possible for the simple reason of HP making more money.  They want you think ‘forget it’ and give up because then they’re saving for 20-4000 dollars which is no small amount of money.  But the stupid thing is that they’re going to be driving their own company into the ground because no one at all likes to deal what that kind of experience, and afterwards people are just unlikely to buy HP’s again.

HP’s relying on its past, its former image and self worth as a tool for getting the sales it wants.  But ultimately that image is going to be short lived because people are waking up to just how much they’ve gone downhill and how bad a company they are.  Personally I think it was under their new leadership Carly Fiorina where things went horribly wrong.  Shes now been fired by the way as a testament to what kind of a bad job she did, but she outsourced a lot of HP’s workforce out from America.  This in turn meant their products have gone dramatically downhill compared to what they used to be, and as a double whammy effect, when people call for support for their defective HP products they can’t even get any answers to their solutions and face an unwieldy, inept and arrogant customer help service.

I’d stay away from HP.

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