Wireless HP Portable Printers (For Laptops and Smartphones)

Find out about HP’s main mobile printer – the OfficeJet 100 Mobile Photo Printer.  Although we do think Canon’s alternative is better it’s still worth reading reviews of the OfficeJet 100 here.

As you can see from the image below I definitely think that Canon’s battery printer is superior… it would seem that most people agree with me.  You can also tell from the sheer quantity of reviews that the iP100 is far more popular too in terms of amount of total purchases.

Canon PIMXA iP100 - iPad Compatible

Generally I recommend the iP100 because of its lower price, greater reliability, customer reviews and better specifications.

The Best and Cheapest Mobile Printer by HP


This is indeed the OJ 100 which you can see an image of at the top of the page.  If you’re looking for the best printer by HP then you’ve found it.  It’s both their newest release and it’s 2 years newer than the iP100.

It’s also very cheap at around 250 dollars which makes it a highly sought after option.  There are a few things I’d like to point of though before you go rushing off to Amazon to buy this little gizmo.

Firstly the price does not include either the lithium battery or wireless adapters.  Assuming you don’t want to have to plug it into a wall a battery will set you back around 100 dollars, and the Wifi and Bluetooth adapters are around 50 dollars a piece.

Essentially this nearly doubles the cost of the entire printer – but before you think ‘what a scam!’, it’s important to note that every major manufacturer does this.

Both Canon and Brother have similar options.  Canon’s situation is almost identical, you’ll need both the battery and wireless adapters – and the costs are almost the same too.  Saying that the iP100 (which is Canon’s rival device) is around 50 dollars cheaper so you are making a slight saving.

My opinion on these two rivals is simple.  Canon’s the superior option.  In terms of functionality, reliability, price and specifications it excels.  Unless you hate Japan then they’re your best option.

Don’t take my word for it, check out reviews of the Canon iP100 here – and compare them with the OfficeJet 100 and you’ll see that what I’m saying is completely true.

Just because the OJ 100 is the best and cheapest by HP doesn’t mean that it’s the best and cheapest when compared against its competitors.  It’s definitely not.

Is the OfficeJet 100 iPad Compatible? Will they Work Together?


One big question I get asked is if the OJ 100 will work with the iPad.  As a standalone product without a printer app the answer is no.  However it can be made compatible by downloading printer applications which allow communication between both the iPad (or even iPhone) and the printer.

I would definitely recommend viewing my specific page on iPad and Battery Printer Compatibility to find out more about this topic.

This page includes information on the relevant compatible products, the printer app and the whole process in its entirety to make sure everyone can understand.

It’s probably worth me pointing out that both Canon and HP’s devices are compatible so you probably won’t want to opt for HP’s product unless you’re a massive fan or something.

Portable ePrint and AirPrint Enabled HP Printers


Officially there are no mobile printers which come with ePrint and AirPrint already enabled.  HP does indeed manufacture stationary desktop devices along with Epson, but these are shall we say rather chunky.  They also don’t have a battery.

I did actually see a really interesting video where a man sets up a wireless router in his car, and puts in the smallest HP AirPrint printer.  It looks like it works really well, so you can check it out here if you think it’ll be useful for you.

This allows both ePrint and AirPrint function… but I’ll be honest, it’s a massive hassle.  This isn’t a five minute job this will take time, technical ability and will probably frustrate you to the core if something goes wrong.

On the other hand it is possible to have much smaller battery powered devices which can be used in conjunction with a Printer App which makes them much easier.

This allows you to utilize both AirPrint and ePrint providing you have a wireless connection which both your device and the printer are attached to.

If you have an iPad or iPhone and want to use AirPrint then you’re in a pretty good situation because you can simply activate the WiFi hot spot creator and make your own wireless access point.

For HP’s ePrint it’s the same concept aside from you may have slightly more difficult getting a wireless access point.  Saying that the world is now crammed to the gunnels with wireless access points and if you can’t find one then you’re either not looking hard enough or you’re in Somalia.

A Quick Comparison between HP and Canon (and why I think Canon’s better)


  • Each company only produces one new device every few years, so comparing the two companies against each other is very easy.
  • Each next generation product is superior with regards to specifications.
  •  They’re cheaper due to wider distribution.
  • More reliable due to technology improvements (verified by reviews).
  • Better customer support and cheaper replacement parts.

Why is it worse than Canon’s competitor?


First thing is that its inferiority is of course, only our professional opinion, but there across the board you’ll find comparable weaknesses.

The only two things you need to look at to compare a portable printer are:

  • Technical Specifications – to understand what its capabilities are.
  • Reliability – to recognize if it can consistently achieve its capabilities.

Now I don’t want to turn this into a page where I’m just talking about meaningless concepts, so I want to just note down a few things which can put things in perspective for you.  After that, our recommendation isn’t just to take our advice, but it’s to read reviews and find out for yourself.



  • You’ll find that the PIXMA iP100 has double the color resolution, and matches monochrome (black and white) dpi figures.  However it is marginally slower by around 5%-10%.
  • It weighs 20% less and has smaller physical dimensions making it more portable.
  • Allows for internal Bluetooth adapter mounting.

Note: You’ll find that Canon has better customer support, with call centers located in English speaking countries.

What are you Looking for in a Wireless Mobile Printer?


Have you really asked yourself this question?  You want a device which has the best printing capabilities, and although the OfficeJet 100 is admittedly faster I don’t think such a large sacrifice in color printing resolution is worth it.

Next you’ll want something which is transportable, and this encompasses both the mass and physical dimensions, and yet again you’ll find this round goes to the iP100.  Another important aspect is with regards to its Bluetooth which can be attached inside further adding to transportability.

When it comes to their wireless adapters, aside from the great convenience of internal mounting there’s no difference.

Final Thoughts


All things considered specifications don’t mean everything, as we’ve mentioned above reliability plays a vital role in deciding what to buy.

We suggest you read non-biased reviews of the HP OfficeJet 100 – check out these Amazon OfficeJet 100 Reviews.


HP Portable Printer - OfficeJet 100

HP Portable Printer – OfficeJet 100

HP ePrint (for non portable printers)


Second you have HP’s new ePrint printers which are their step into the social technology revolution.  These printers work both as their regular wireless printers, but also in conjunction with the new ePrint app which you can download for free.

What this application allows is for the user to be able to print of what he wants to any ePrint printer he has access to anywhere in the world.  The printer is assigned an email address and you simply email whatever you want printing out to that email address.

Now obviously you can’t print of someone else’s device if they don’t give you access, but right away there are a range of credible applications.  If you’re interested in learning more about how it works as well as their benefits then check out my HP ePrint post for further details.


HP Portable Printer

HP Portable Printer


Finally there are the regular desktop wireless printers which are very run of the mill nowadays.  They’re generally designed to be connected to a home wireless network (or any wireless access point) and allow easy printing.

Just make sure that if you want a Bluetooth portable printer that you check to make sure that it arrives either with the Bluetooth adapter pre-installed or that you’re aware of the costs in buying a product-specific adapter ($10-50).