HP or Canon – which makes the best portable printer

People tend to wonder whether it’s Canon or HP which produce the best mobile printer and I can answer that question in one word.  Canon.  Why?  Find out more below.

People seem to think that Hewlett-Packard is still a great company, when in reality due to an outsourcing of a lot of its services its gone downhill both in terms of customer support as well as their products.  Carly Fiorina is generally seen as the root cause of the company’s problems and was eventually fired for her poor judgment.

There are several important reasons why Canon’s mobile printers are simply better.  Firstly when it comes to their specifications they’re superior both in terms of printing speeds and resolution.  Their best printer the Canon PIXMA iP100 can print double the color resolution of HP’s counterpart, as well as faster too.

HP’s devices in the past have been plagued with technical problems, and although this occurred admittedly for both manufacturers I’d say Canon has done far more to deal with the problem in the long term.  You still get people talking about Hewlett-Packard’s 4th generation of printer having paper feeder breaks or poor hardware design.

It’s not just their products which are lacking it’s their customer service.  They outsourced a lot of it to India and you essentially will be sent from department to department in a strong of long drawn out conversations where you’ll be waiting on hold for outrageous lengths of time, talking to poorly train staff which speak English even worse and at the end you’re likely to be sent a refurbished product – not a refund or brand new replacement.

Canon’s devices have simply shot ahead of HP and it’s not just their specifications which are better, it’s their innovative designs.  One great thing about the iP100 is that when you buy the Bluetooth adapter you can actually mount this within the device.  What wonderful thinking.  It means that an errant hand doesn’t just knock it out and potentially break the dongle – and it doesn’t have it internally installed for everyone which the costs for people who use it being subsidized by those who don’t.

Their reliability as well as customer service is a step ahead and you’ll find that your Canon printer – especially the latest models are far less likely to accrue the numerous technical difficulties which both company’s earlier designs inherently had.

Whereas I feel that HP is making baby steps in sorting out critical problems, Canon is leaping forward, fixing them and creating new and better ways to serve their customers.  The ultimate reality is that this just isn’t true of HP anymore, their name has been tarnished but a lot of people still see them as a big name in terms of reliability.  But they’re living on borrowed time and their reputation from the past will not hold out long and when it comes to buying portable printers you need to go with Canon or you’re simply making the wrong choice all things considered.

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