HP OfficeJet H470 Reviews – discussion and specifications

One of the latest mobile printers is the OfficeJet H470 which is produced by HP, get to grips with its specifications and I’ll go over brief discussions regarding what I think about it.  Find out more below.

Considering this is a little outdated with the release of the latest OfficeJet 100 you’ll find that this is still a very good portable printer which is close to the specifications of the current HP model.  In terms of printer resolution it’s exactly the same, printing up to 1200 dpi for monochrome in pigmented black ink and 4800 x 1200 dots per inch for glossy high quality photographs.

In terms of portability I find that there are two main aspects which need to be addressed and this are the device’s weight and its physical dimensions in inches.  Looking at it from a weight perspective the specifications which HP almost always gives doesn’t include the weight of the battery or any external wireless adapters at in this case the ‘base mass’ is 4.2 pounds which means with the battery you’ll be looking around 4.7 pounds – and with the AC adapter around 5.1 pounds.  It has a very average weight with most inkjet mobile printers being around 4-6 pounds.  Looking at its physical dimensions it’s 13.4 x 6.45 x 3.15 inches which makes it similar to a net book apart from a little fatter and 2-3 times as thick.  Overall I’d say its size is a little on the large side in terms of mobility but not too much so that it becomes a big problem.

One thing I really like about the HP OfficeJet H470 is its vast array of support media sizes.  It supports Letter, Legal, A4, executive and Statement sizes (all U.S size), as well as JIS B5 and A5.  When it comes to different envelopes it allows the standard U.S number 10 enveloped and goes up to C5 envelopes.  When it comes to photographs there are far too many different sizes to list, but they go from 4 x 6 inches to 8 x 10 inches – either with tabs, borderless or with borders.

What I really like about this HP Portable Printer is its optional automatic duplex unit.  This allows for automated double sided printing which will be very helpful if you need to do a lot of printing.  Although if I’m being honest mobile printers probably are not suited for a large amount of printing this is one of the few devices which supports large amounts of double sided feeding which I know to some businessmen will be a definite advantage.

This arrives with multiple connectivity options including the possibility of external Bluetooth adapters as well as infrared – obviously it also comes with usb 2.0 for wired interfaces.

In terms of core specifications you’re looking at a very solid device and its resolution dots per inch although aren’t the highest of the mobile printers it should certainly be enough to cater for the needs of the vast majority of people.  In terms of printing speeds it’s a similar story – in fact while you look at all aspects of this device you’ll see a good quality, albeit it rather standard printer.  I’d recommend purchasing it if you can get it at a lower price because it’s at that stage where you can get it much cheaper because it’s not quite the latest or best – but considering that it’s 90% as good at around half the cost it’s clearly going to be a good option for a lot of people.

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