HP Officejet 100 Wireless, Bluetooth and Photo Mobile Printer

If you’re looking for one of the best wireless portable printers then you won’t need to look more further than the HP Officejet 100.  Now of course it’s not going to be suitable for everyone but it’s not only the latest but also one of the best HP wireless portable printers which is great because frankly some of their other products have been a little disappointing.

Before I get completely started I just want to quickly address one question.  That is whether the OfficeJet 100 is compatible with the iPad.  The answer is yes and non.  With a printer application installed on your iPad you can indeed turn HP’s OfficeJet 100 into an iPad portable printer.  It will work.  However the OJ 100 is only compatible with the iPad (or iPhone) if it has the printer app.  The printer application is required and then it can work.

I don’t usually give such good reviews but I think in this instance HP have struck a really good balance between several key factors necessary for a great wireless mobile printer.  To start with let’s take a look its portability and see whether it’s genuinely a mobile printing device.  It weighs just under five pounds which makes it incredibly light for what it does and its dimensions are 34.8 x 17.5 x 8.4 cm making it compact also.  Is it the smallest out there?

Of course it isn’t, but considering the features it has which I’ll be talking about shortly it’s the perfect compromise between portability and functionality.  Many Portable Printers by HP for example, forgo some important aspects and compromise quality in order to make size and weight reductions.  Now of course this is true to an extent in this case, but overall considering the size and power of the printer you’ll find it’s a really good mix.

Its portability allows for easy transport when being carried in a bag or stored in a car/plane.  It’s easy to manage and it won’t weigh you down.

Taking a look at some of the core specifications it’s very fast for a small, portable printer and it printers 22ppm at black and white and 18 ppm using color.  These are only draft versions so you can expect the printing speeds to be reduced, but not substantially so.

The best print quality resolution for black and white is 600 x 600 dpi and for color it’s 4800 x 1200, meaning it prints at resolutions comparable to most desktop printers.  Its sheet tray holds 50 sheets and supports A4, A5, A6, B5, C6, Dl, L and 2L allowing it to serve as a very multi-functional printer.  Its battery recharge time is around 3 hours which allows for 2 hours worth of printing.

Finally another really useful aspect which sets it apart from other releases by HP is its in-built Bluetooth which is a significant step up from other products.  Most other products allow for Bluetooth adapters to be purchased and require plugging in to the usb 2.0 ports in order to to be operated.  In my mind this seems a little pointless because you want ‘wireless’ – meaning ‘wire-free’ and in fact you’re actually just ending up carrying around more wires with you than before.  In this instance the Bluetooth card is actually installed within the device which not only helps in increasing the transmission area volume but in making the device more portable – creating a true wireless portable printer.

If you’re looking for genuine portability this is what you need to be looking at.  Now I’ll say right here that if you want incredibly mobile printers – ones which you can store in a deep pocket then you’re going to have to look at thermal printers.  The components which comprise inkjet printers simply cannot be scaled down much more than what we’re seeing here, and ultimately the downside of using thermal printing technology is that they can’t hit anywhere near the resolution levels which these can.  If you do want an incredibly portable printer I suggest taking a look at the Brother PocketJet range, whose products suit people who need tiny printers which can’t hit particularly high resolutions but can print okay-quality prints.

HP Officejet 100

HP Officejet 100

So who’s this suited for?

To the right people this printer really is a God send.  If you want really high resolution print-outs – capable if reaching photo quality then this is what you need to be looking at.  If you want a printer which is portable in the sense you transport it from one location to another location than this is for you.  If you want to use it while travelling, while walking – and not simply taking it somewhere, perhaps a hotel room, to set up for a days then it isn’t for you.

HP Officejet 100 Portable Printer

HP Officejet 100 Portable Printer

So what’s bad about it?

Well like any piece of technology there’s the good and the bad, overall I do think the good far outweighs the bad but here certainly are some issues which arise.  To start with the paper feed is of poor quality and you may have to end up feeding the paper yourself manually in some cases if there’s a mechanical fault or if you haven’t been careful enough with the printer.

Also you may have issues installing it onto computers with Windows 7 and Windows 7 Ultimate due to some products being shipped with outdated drivers.  Also it’s purely a Bluetooth Portable Printer which means no connecting to wireless access points or infrared.  If you don’t have Bluetooth then it isn’t going to be wireless for you.  In some ways I do feel like this is a letdown but in other ways if it saves space then it’s not a bad thing per say.  If you want mobility then you want to be able to use it anywhere, wireless access points aren’t everywhere – Bluetooth is, and so it’s a small sacrifice to many in my opinion.

HP Officejet 100

HP Officejet 100


I think it’s a great device.  Its got the portability.  Its got the wireless connectivity to suit the portability.  It hits the high resolutions and printing speeds.  It ticks all the boxes in my opinion, though if it were possible of course something smaller would be better – but for what you’re getting it’s already a good compromise with regards to size and core functionalities.

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