HP ePrint (Wireless Printing Explained – Perfect for Businesses)

When it comes to pushing the boundaries of the printing world HP doesn’t fail to deliver especially with their latest invention – ePrint.  ePrint allows users with mobile devices which can connect to the internet to be able to print of what they want anywhere in the world.

ePrint Explained

ePrint is really a very simple concept.  Firstly you buy the ePrint app and install it on your mobile device.  This mobile device could be an Ipad, an Iphone or any Smart Phone – anything which can access an email address is in.

 Secondly you need an ePrint printer – but don’t worry they start as cheap as 100 dollars and believe me they’re good quality.  Most have had very good reviews and many have scored at least 3 stars with many hitting 4+ stars.

Each of the ePrint printers is assigned an email address and when you want it to print something out you email what you want to that email address and hey presto.

A few Problems

Now there are some annoying problems here, the first being that none of their printers are currently portable.  If you want portable printing then it would actually be better to go with the plethora of portable printers out there.  You can pick ones that allow wireless printing which is either done by Bluetooth or a Wireless Access Point.  For true portability you’ll be wanting it to be Bluetooth enabled a long with your mobile device.  Finally it means that you can’t just hook up an existing wireless printer and assign it an email address – you need to go out and buy one.

Why is it so Useful?

Let’s picture some examples.

A businessman is going to a business meeting, he wants everything printed of by the time he gets there.  He selects the closest printer to the meeting room, a receptionist’s desk right outside.  He sets a printing time and by the time he gets there everything he wants has finished printing.  The receptionist has stapled the work together, sorted it as per his instructions which were on the first piece of paper printed out.  He walks in, picks up his work, thanks the receptionist and nails the meeting.

HP ePrint

HP ePrint

A travelling entrepreneur needs some of his designs printing out from his Iphone, but he’s in a different country and doesn’t know anywhere he can print of his work.  He activates his ePrint app and finds the closest participating ePrint printer store.  He sends the files the them, picks it up at a time of his choosing and is on his way.  No time wasted searching or waiting – just pure efficiency.

HP ePrint

HP ePrint

An office worker wants the local news to be printed of on the way to work, he wants it everyday at 8am sharp.  He pushes the local data through, emails it to a participating  ePrint printer shop on the way to work, and everyday he collects it.  He even chooses to set up a routine so that it handles everything automatically for him.

HP ePrint

HP ePrint

Finally there’s the ePrintCenter which is an online resource provide by HP which allows people to explore new service via app downloads and streamline their printing use.  It allows them to configure their devices in a specific manner to make things easier.  Instead of having to set it to specific settings everytime you want to print, why not have these options saved or be able to set them for a specific time of the day.


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