HP ENVY 100 AirPrint (Wireless, Semi-Portable and for the IPad)

When it comes to the HP ENVY 100 I only have two words to say to you… “stay away”.  It’s really that simply, I’ll explain why below but I’ve read more than a few reviews which have stated the serious design flaws which make this printer inferior and close to unusable.  Find out more below.

When it gets down to it, no matter how beautiful a printer is – and this HP AirPrint is beautiful, if it doesn’t work then the beauty is meaningless.  Now I’ll cut to the chase, this printer has a serious error which makes it inoperable for some people who try and update it.  The screen control panel flashes asking the user whether they would like to update their device, people obviously hit yes and then the printer’s screen flashes the message ‘Do Not Power Off During Update’.  When this message is shown to you there are two important things which you need to know.  Firstly no matter what you do you cannot remove this message yourself, it will stay on the screen.  If you try and update the firmware trying another method, restart the printer, power it of and leave it of for a day, – nothing will resolve this problem.  The second important thing is that when this message is showing the printer thinks it’s updating and hence all printing functions cease to operate.  So when you get this message you’re essentially not getting a message that the printer is updating (it’s stuck on an endless loop and will never stop ‘updating’), you’re actually getting a message that your printer is now dead.

Now this alone is obviously enough for people not to buy this piece of junk, but there are other serious factors to consider.  Now there are definitely some tolerant people out there who genuinely could remember to never update their printer.  In fact I would very much say I’m one of those people who would be very careful with it, and if this was the only problem then to some people it would be acceptable considering it’s the cheapest printer which is HP AirPrint operational.  On the other hand it’s also mired with hardware issues which relate to the touch screen interface which is located on front facing top side of the printer.  I’ve read numerous reviews (less than the update bug though) which point towards the screen flashing blank and eventually completely dying.  This is obviously a massive drawback too because it’s critical to use the printer in the first place.

HP ENVY 100 AirPrint

HP ENVY 100 AirPrint

Now I just want to say that there are no fixes to these problems, the never ending ‘update’ cycle on the ENVY 100 AirPrint makes this wireless printer completely useless.  What’s more if you do get these problems – and although you may not get them right away reports suggest that within 2-8 weeks most users experience problems, you’ll have to deal with Hewlett Packards infamous customer service.  Now I’ve personally had experience with them and truth be told it’s a nightmare, it’s on the level of bad when dealing with some of the worst banks – it’s on par with foreign call centers where the operators don’t speak English properly.  It’s very difficult and stressful.

Now the first thing that will happen when you tell them about your problem is they’ll make you jump through a series of near pointless hoops to try and dissuade you from getting a replacement.  The first thing they’ll do is get you to a push buttons on the front of your printer for several hours in various combinations to try and fix the problem.  I’ve not read anything from anyone yet which says that this has proved effective, and in my opinion is a dishonest tactic by HP to minimalise their losses on the AirPrint enabled ENVY 100 .  What they, and most other companies try and do, is make applying for any kind of compensation so troublesome and tiring that you get the ‘I give up’ thought, and then proceed to give up.  This is what they want so please don’t let them win.

HP ENVY 100 AirPrint

HP ENVY 100 AirPrint

After wrestling with them on the phone for a few hours, potentially being hung up on (I’ve read multiple reports about this, it isn’t just one disgruntled customer), they’ll finally cave in – and no you don’t get your money back, what you get is the exact same printer, but a refurbished model.  So they replace your defective model (which they sold you knowing its defective nature) with a refurbished model which will overall have the same intrinsic design flaws.  After a short matter of time (who knows you may get 3 months of use but it’s unlikely) the problems will occur once more – and probably in a shorter amount of time since it’s a refurbished model, and you’ll have to go through the same tiresome, stressful process – and this loop will go on and go (sort of like the update loop) until your warranty expires and Hewlett-Packard and clean their hands of the issue, take their profit and move on.

The Good

HP AirPrint printers are generally decent, and so is this one when it works, it does obviously have serious design flaws and it’s still worse than other wireless stationary printers but if i didn’t break then it does a reasonably good job.  It prints its black resolution up to 1200 dpi which is very high quality (beyond the point where human’s can actually tell the difference in my opinion), and its color printing goes up to 4800 x 1200 – which is for color photos.

HP ENVY 100 AirPrint Printers

HP ENVY 100 AirPrint Printers

It prints incredibly quickly, the specifications state 25ppm for color, and black and white printing is usually 50-75% quicker so its got a good speed for an inkjet.  It prints photos ranging from A4 size to your usual 4 x 6 inch regular photos – and this is with borderless printing so you’re getting a real photo.  Taking a look at its dimensions it’s quite small which is always good if you don’t want the house to be cluttered.  It’s 15 pounds in weight meaning it’s a little lighter than comparative models, it’s 3.92 inches high, 16.8 inches wide and it’s 13.25 inches long.  It also comes with a scanner with a resolution of 1200 x 1200 meaning it’s a pretty basic scanner.


Don’t waste your time with this one.  There are better HP AirPrint models and you’re doing yourself an injustice by buying the cheapest and worst one.  It’s specifications are reasonably good considering it’s an AirPrint device, but they’re nothing compared to other stationary wireless printers which can do exactly the same at half the price.  It’s beautiful to look at, there’s no doubt about that – but if it doesn’t work then aesthetics are pointless.  Stay away is my advice.

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