HP DeskJet 460c Mobile Printer with Compact Flash Reader and WiFi

If you’re looking for HP’s second best wireless mobile printer – the HP DeskJet 460c is what you’ll get.  You may be wondering why go for second best when there’s first, with the simple answer being this is almost as good as the first – but you can actually get it much cheaper second hand whilst retaining most of the good features.

To start with the ‘first’ option I’m comparing it to is the HP OfficeJet 100, which I’ll admit right away is definitely a superior option – both from my own personal experiences and that of the numerous reviews I’ve looked over.

  • However, this isn’t too far of and you can get it at bargain prices second hard or from third parter distributors which can make it a very appealing option.
  • However there’s a good chance a ‘bargain’ is likely to be so cheap for a reason and time and time again I’m inundated with message from people complaining of this or that failure.
    • The most important thing to make sure is that you’re absolutely sure you’re getting a quality product.
HP DeskJet 460c

HP DeskJet 460c

To start with let’s take a look at the different versions of this device you can buy.  The base model is the same but there are some slight but important differences which affect the product’s mobility.

There are actually four purchase options available from the first base model the HP Deskjet 460c – second is the HP Deskjet 460cb, HP Deskjet 460wf and finally HP Deskjet 46wbt.

The HP Deskjet 460c is the regular base model, it comes without any wireless connectivity or portability because it has no battery.

HP Deskjet 460cb comes with a lithium-ion battery which allows portable use on the go, just not wireless use.

HP Deskjet 460wf comes with both the HP lithium-ion battery as well as a 802.11b WiFi printer card which is inserted into the compact flash slot on the printer and allows for wireless printing when the printer and device are both connected to the same wireless access point.

HP Deskjet 460wbt comes with both the lithium-ion battery and a Bluetooth card which again is inserted into the compact flash slot.

HP Deskjet 460

Initially I’ll be focusing on the base model and then I’ll briefly expand on the spin-off products.

To start with it’s highly portable weighing 4.2 pounds without printer cartridges and the battery, and around 5 pounds with them.  It’s dimensions are 19.9 x6.45 x 3.15 inches which certainly doesn’t make it tiny, but compared to many ‘portable’ printers out there you’re certainly getting a relatively compact mobile printer.

Firstly from the resolution perspective this is similar to the ‘best’ HP inkjet mobile printer because it goes up to 1200 x 1200 for black and white and 4800 x 1200 for color.  This easily puts it on par with many stationary printers which is surprising in many ways because mobile printers tend to be inferior in almost all aspects.  It prints quite quickly as well, admittedly not as fast as desktop printers but considering it’s portability it does okay.  For black and white it can print at around 7 ppm, color and text at around 5 ppm and a full color photo at 0.5ppm.  This is pretty slow compared to most desktop printers but for the portability there are unfortunately sacrifices which must be made, and in this case its printing speed is the first on the sacrificial alter.

It can print a wide variety of different paper and photo sizes – US Legal, US Letter, ISO A4, ISO A5 to name a few regular paper sizes.  For cards it can print on regular photo paper 4 x 6 inchs, 5 x 8 inches, US letter size – again just to name a few.  Its input tray allow for 50 sheets of plain paper, 10 sheets of photo paper and 5 sheets of labels.

The standard HP portable printer Deskjet 460c model comes with basic USB 2.0, CompactFlash (type 1), Secure Digital and Multi Media card data transfer methods.  As I’ve said above you can either buy the basic version if you don’t need any of that, you can buy the ‘cb’ version (b for battery) if you’d like a portable printer but don’t need it to be wireless.  If you want to to be able to connect to wireless access points such as in hospitals, homes or airports you’ll want the ‘wf’ version (wf = WiFi), and finally if you want a Bluetooth portable printer then you’ll want the ‘wbt’ (with Bluetooth) version.

Just remember that if you don’t need those extras but feel you may do so in the future that you can actually put of buying the peripherals until a later date because remember you can just install them.  The WiFi/Bluetooth cards simply going into the Compact Flash slot (which is why you can’t buy both of them together because there’s just one slot), and there’s a space for the battery in the bottom – it comes in and out similar to that of a laptop.

The bad

There’s actually not much ‘bad’ about this device in the sense that there are no obvious gaping faults but there are a few things I’m definitely going to point out.  It seems to be a deliberate tactic of HP to not provide easily accessible information regarding which ‘versions’ come with/without batteries/wireless connectivity.  As a result of this some people buy the regular version expecting a printer which is mobile and wireless – instead it doesn’t have a battery or any wireless cards making it very much stationary.  I’m glad you’ve read this far because it’s very difficult to find out information because websites simply are not clear to the overall differences.

HP DeskJet 460c Portable Printer

HP DeskJet 460c Portable Printer

The print speeds are quite slow, especially now since the device itself is somewhat dated.  The wireless connectivity should come within the device like most modern wireless portable printer models and having the cards can be a hassle.  The printing tray is flimsy which admittedly is probably necessary to save weight but it feels like an errant hand could snap the whole thing of.

Although it does have some definite bad issues it’s nothing when compared with the HP 450Ci which is frankly the worst portable printer I’ve ever seen from the company.

HP DeskJet 460c

HP DeskJet 460c


You’re looking at a solid printer.  You have the options for wireless or mobile access and you aren’t pushed into having to purchase accessibilities which you may not want.  On the other hand some people are confused and mislead, but ultimately it’s their mistake for not doing their research.  It prints to high resolutions, albeit it slowly, and can print good quality regular sized photos.  It’s an inkjet printer and as such has moving parts which make it susceptible to breaking if it’s treated like thermal portable printers can be – i.e. thrown onto a bed, casually stuffed into a bag and so forth.

It’s a good printer for the right person, it’s a step up from the HP OfficeJet H470 and one giant leap above the HP 450Ci.  If you’re a businessman, or you travel and work a lot then I’d recommend it for you as long as you’re not printing ‘in the field’.  It’s the type of device you carry to your next location, set it up in your room and use it there for a few weeks.  If you’re looking for something you can whip out of a deep pocket, quickly use and then stow away then inkjet printers (all portable printers by Canon/HP are inkjet) simply are not for you and you’ll need a thermal based printer because they’re more reliable and more portable – at the expense of secondary functions and resolution.  Overall it’s a good buy, and you should be able to get it pretty cheap nowadays.

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