HP DeskJet 460c Reviews – discussions and specifications

The DeskJet 460c is undoubtedly a solid mobile printer, but like many of HP’s earlier models it definitely has intrinsic faults.  Find out more below.

Looking at this device from purely a specification perspective it’s a little bit of a mixed bag.  Its printing resolutions for example are quite high – 1200 x 1200 dpi rendered monochrome text printing on inkjet paper.  This is very high and it’s the highest resolution you’ll get for this type of transportable device.  Its color printing is a little more average at 4800 x 1200 dpi which is very good but quite average.  Ultimately when you consider that this is a movable printer these figures are quite impressive – especially the monochrome.  They’re more than suitable for practically everyone, and 4800 x 1200 dpi is more than good enough to print high resolution photographs.  Unless you’re a professional photographer or artist you’ll be more than happy with this selection.

Unfortunately these good dots per inch figures are let down by slow printing speeds – 9 ppm for monochrome text in draft mode, 5ppm for normal and 1.6 ppm for best.  The question is will you actually bother using those great resolution figures knowing you’re going to be sitting there waiting for so long just for black and white?

When it comes to full page color photo you’ll be waiting 2 minutes at fast speed – but for best you’ll be waiting 4-5 minutes, this is very slow even for a full page.  On the other hand it’s more likely that you’re going to be looking at printing 4 by 6 inch photographs at ‘best’ quality and these will set you back a little over two minutes.  This isn’t too bad, but considering some printers can whip them out twice as fast it’s definitely drawback.  I personally considering myself a patient person so I wouldn’t mind waiting, but a lot of professionals which will be attracted to the HP DeskJet 460c won’t want to be waiting around when they could pay a little more and get much faster speeds.

The portability aspect of this device is a definite let down, and I look at two main things – physical dimensions and weight.  Its dimensions are 19.9 x 6.45 x 3.15 inches which makes it very big in terms of mobility.  Most other devices are very similar apart from instead of 19.9 inches you’ll find 12-14 inches, so it’s definitely on the fatter side of things.

Looking at this particular HP mobile printer from a weight perspective it’s 5.2 pounds with the battery and ink cartridges which puts it in quite an average position – maybe very slightly heavier than other average inkjet rivals but it’s very much within the limits of transportability for an inkjet.

One useful aspect is its Bluetooth Compact Flash which allows wireless connectivity.  This is useful for a number of reasons, the first obviously being that you need to be tethered to a wireless access point.  But also it has implications in terms of aesthetics and ease-of-use as opposed to the popular usb 2.0 dongles.  These are unsightly and stick out of the side where a misplace hand could easily knock them free and potentially break the adapter or potentially the usb port.  However if you have a compact flash card then it insert nicely inside, it’s not poking out, you don’t have to remove it when you’re storing the printer and it doesn’t look out of place either.

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