HP AirPrint Printers List

When it comes to finding some of the Printers which HP has AirPrint enabled upon it can be a little tricky to find a list.  I also think it’s worth mentioning that although HP has been the only one to have access to enabling AirPrint on their devices so far, as of October 2011 Epson too released several of their own printers.  Find out more about the products below.


When it comes down to things I’m going to give my honest opinion when I say that overall HP’s AirPrint printers are wholly inferior to competitor printers.  However at the moment it’s only Hewlett-Packard which have a substantial amount of products on offer.  Overall they’re inferior for a number of reasons.  They’re less reliable, some are poorly constructed, many of their drivers are incomplete and do not work with the spectrum of laptops, Ipads, Macs, PCs and so forth which they’re purported to do so.  Does this mean you will definitely encounter problems?  Of course not.  But there’s a significantly greater risk of you encountering problems and the only upside to this is you can utilize HP AirPrint and ePrint.  But when it comes down to star ratings, you can expect to see between 2.5-3.5 stars for their printers, as opposed to 4-5 stars for similar competitors printers at lower prices but which unfortunately just don’t have those unique wireless printing options.

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