HP AirPrint Models

When it comes to the different models of AirPrint printers there are six from HP which you need to know about.  There are some definite let downs so you need to be aware which is right for you.

To start with there are six different printers which are designed by HP with the go ahead from Apple which incorporate AirPrint (as well as Eprint) into the design.  This allows wireless printing from Apple’s three main devices – their Ipod Touch, Iphone and Ipad.  Up to this point printing from these devices was quite difficult and certainly not possible using wireless methods.

AirPrint works very simply by allowing people to press just a few buttons on their user interface screen and print whatever’s on the screen.  So if they’ve got emails, text documents, pictures or other files then they can very quickly select to print of what they want.  After they’ve just pressed a few buttons, assuming both their device and the printer is connected to a wireless access point (usually a home one), the printing will commence and relevant documents will printed of.


When it boils down to it this is certainly very convenient and perfect for printing of graphical pictures, emails and such like.  But I don’t think it’s worth it if you need a printer for serious work related purpose.  The truth is that these printers cost far more than other stationary wireless printers which are half the price and substantially better in terms of core specifications such as print resolutions, but also in terms of reliability and durability.

If you want something which you can quickly print of little snippets of this and that here or there than they’re perfect.  If you do work a lot on your Ipad then they’ll also be great for you.  But the truth is that the Ipad is not a serious business tablet, it’s a cool tablet, it’s a video tablet, it’s a great internet browsing table but it’s not for serious work in my opinion.  The operating system is far too restrictive to allow for serious user improvements and the on screen keyboard is too narrow for people to type away for any length of time.

Which moves me onto my next point, HP AirPrint based printers are a toy.  If you want serious work done than they’re not the place you get started.  They’re for fun, easy and casual printing.  To start with they’re they’re overpriced for what they are, and what they are is essentially inferior stationary wireless printers at double the price with mediocre specifications and very questionable reliability.  One of their printers is so terrible it’s not even operational most of the time and requires people to jump through HP’s customer service hoops to get a refurbished printer which has the same intrinsic design flaws.

Ultimately if you want a photo printer then you buy a photo printer which is cheaper, better and more reliable.  If you’re serious about printing out photos then you’ll want to go for the better model, surely?  If you’re serious about using a printer for work then you’re going to want to go for something more reliable which is superior, surely?  They’re not for serious work and they’re not serious printers and they shouldn’t be treated as such.  Fair enough you may not be able to have the convenience of being able to print out what you want in five seconds, but if it takes an extra 20 seconds it’s hardly a massive time drain considering you’re getting a better printer overall.

HP AirPrint printers are shiny, cool to look at, have a great simple to use interface which is located on Apple’s devices allowing quick printing – but they’re not for serious printing whatsoever.

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