HP 450Ci Reviews – concise analysis

I’m not usually either some melodramatic or critical but when it comes to the HP 450Ci all this and other reviews will tell you is that you need to stay away!  Find out more below.

When you look at electronic devices there are really two aspects you’re looking at – its specifications as a good indication of what it can achieve, and whether the device is reliable and if it can survive the test of time.

Now purely on a core specification basis the HP 450Ci performs quite well, certainly on par with most printers out there at this moment.  It hits 4800 x 1200 dots per inch for color printing which allows high quality photographs.  Its monochrome (black and white) resolution is 1200 x 1200 dpi which actually makes it the highest available at the moment even though the device is outdated.  It has reasonably fast printing speeds – 9 pages per minute for monochrome and 8 ppm for color.  It houses a very powerful lithium-ion battery which allows 350 pages per charge of printing which well most definitely be a massive advantage to most people and this is far superior to its competitors which average 100-150 prints.

It has Bluetooth technology in the form of an external adapter which allows you to print without wires from a variety of different mobile devices.  This could be your laptop or net book – or it could be a smart phone, PDA or internet tablet – nowadays there are so many things which are compatible you’ve really got a lot of choice.  You do certainly need to make sure that both your device and its operating system are supported as well as being aware that you’ll most likely need to download software or a printing app to make sure everything runs smoothly.

There are also usb and parallel printing ports for regular wired interfaces, and it supports a large variety of media and sizes.  Most standard paper sizes as well as card sizes ranging from 4 by 6 inch and upwards are all supported.

Now all of these specifications are reasonably impressive, but it doesn’t take away from the one major flaw in this device.  It is not reliable and it most certainly will not stand the test of time – most users report that it breaks within around 1-2 years.  The problems will start almost immediately although to begin with they’ll only be minor.  Most of the problems are in regards to the paper feeder which is obviously critical for the device to print.

Essentially even though the HP 450 CI is a good device it doesn’t really mean anything when you consider that the paper feeder will jam.  It will keep jamming and the problem will only get worse and worse until it stops the device functioning at all.

This clearly defeats the point of even considering buying this HP Mobile Printer because the problems start soon after purchasing and will only get worse and worse.  Its also not been fixed as a problem so don’t think you’ll get good support on the issue, and overall you’re far better going with the OfficeJet 100 or one of Hewlett-Packards later devices.  Actually that’s only if you want a HP device, I’d recommend Canon any day of the week over what used to be one of the best printer companies.

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