How are mobile printers portable?

When you’re looking at mobile printers assessing how they’re actually portable is important to find what’s right for you.  Find out more below.

Now if you’re looking at this type of product I think it’s fair to assume that you want a printer which is movable.  In most cases this means that it arrives with a battery which means you can use the device regardless of being connected to AC power.

When you’re looking at which device to buy there are two aspects which you need to look into first before anything else.  Regardless of the other specifications you need to look at its physical dimensions and its weight.  It’s certainly a good idea to have in mind what you want before you start searching so you know what it’s going to fit into.  Is it going into a bag or a pocket – and so how big does it need to be?  Or are you going to be carrying it around with you on your person, or in a bag, or in the car – and so how heavy must it be?

When you’re looking at physical dimensions you need to make sure the ones shown are actually accurate because most times they don’t actually include the battery which can protrude out.  This means that potentially you’re going to have a device which can’t actually fit into what you want.  The best thing to do to solve this problem is to go to the manufacturer’s website and check their own specifications section to find the ‘with battery’ size.

The exact same is true of the weight of the product, and not only are the weights presented usually without the battery – but also with the ink cartridges or wireless adapters either.  This constantly leads to products being labeled as 4 pounds when they’re far closer to 6 pounds after everything’s been included.

Another thing you need to be careful of is whether your mobile printer actually arrives with the battery included in the price or not.  In most cases it does not, which means it needs to be connected to mains electricity and so it’s certainly not considered transportable.  The importance of this of course is that they cost around 100-120 dollars which is half the price of the actual device.  So if you set your budget at 250 dollars and don’t take this value into account you’ll very much have a printer sat against the wall with a long wire.

You need to be looking at where you’re going to be using this mobile inkjet printer and what you want it for.  Is it going to be kept in your pocket whilst walking around, or do you want to leave it in the car?  Do you want to store it in your hand luggage on the plane to set up at the hotel of your destination or do you want to be using it on the plane itself?

Not that I would recommend this it would probably look a little fishy until you started printing – especially if you started messing around with wires, or you wanted to print of from your cell phone!

It’s worth checking out our page on mobile printers which are perfect for businessmen who need mobile printing whilst travelling on work related issues.

In this situation utilizing a cheap mini portable printer with a laptop is going to be the best option by far because of the small weight and size.

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