Hewlett-Packard OfficeJet 100 – HP’s best

If you’re looking for the best that HP has to offer when it comes to Mobile Printers then your search can stop now because you’ve found their latest and best – the OfficeJet 100.  Find out more below.

I’ve said this a few times before, but even though this is certainly the best HP have to offer (going from reviews, forums and of course my personal experiences) it definitely is not the best out there.  I won’t dwell on this long, but if you are looking for the best on the market then you’ll definitely won’t to go with Canon’x PIXMA iP100.  It’s superior in every aspect – you can find reviews on the homepage.

Ultimately the specifications on this aren’t impressive they’re very standard.  It prints up to 600 dpi rendered black and white text, and up to 4800 x 1200 for color photographs.  These are by no means bad figures (unless compared with stationary devices), but ultimately its predecessors for the last 5 years have had the exact same specifications (some even had 1200 dpi for monochrome printing).  Ultimately I wouldn’t say this is a big issue though, because when it comes down to it I think that regardless of having slightly better dots per inch figures this is most certainly going to fulfill everyone’s work or leisure requirements.  It whips out laser quality black text and high resolution photographs – what more could you want it for?

It has some very useful connectivity options such as the standard usb 2.0 for wired transfer, but it also supports PictBridge.  For those of you who don’t know, PictBridge allows for a camera and a printer to connect without a computer intermediary.  This allows for rapid printing and as I’m sure you can see would be especially beneficial for a photographer.  Instead of having to carry around a laptop or note book either, you literally just need a two way usb 2.0 cable.  Once the connection has been made the software displays the printing options on the screen of the camera and you can move forward from there.

It also comes with Bluetooth 2.0 (compatible with the 1.0 version however) which allows for an external adapter to be optionally purchased.  This is a little annoying because really you want an internal adapter, do you want a dongle sticking out which can be accidently smash out?  Aside from the dangers of damaging an adapter which will set you back 70 dollars it also looks ridiculous too.

Another really useful option is that this device supports USB flash drives which are perfect for cameras which don’t have PictBridge.  So for example if you had an older camera or simply one that didn’t have the printer transfer protocol then you just need to push an usb flash drive and attach it to the HP portable printer.  You take transfer the information on the flash memory device then insert it into the flash drive connected to the printer.  This eliminates the need for wires and allows you to carry around work on a small compact flash card and print in whenever you need.  This is much better than having to take your laptop around with you if you know you’ll need to be printing later on.

Finally the HP OfficeJet 100 supports a whole host of different media types and sizes.  It allows for plain paper for regular printing, photo media for various sizes of photographs to print out, labels, envelopes, index cards and finally transparencies.

All in all you’re certainly looking at an impressive device, but ultimately it just isn’t the best out there.  It’s more likely to brake than its superior Canon alternative, it costs more and finally if something does go wrong then expect for a lot of stress in trying to deal with HP’s customer ‘support’.

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