Four Reasons why a Thermal Mobile Wireless Printer is better than an Inkjet

There are four main reasons why it may well be worth buying a thermal portable wireless printer over an inkjet one.  Below you’ll find out which is better.

Compact Size

  • Thermal based devices have a much smaller size because they don’t have moving parts.  By contrast you’ll find inkjet’s have their inkjet head which takes up a lot of space.


  • You’ll find that all mobile thermal printers are much lighter weighing around 1-1.4 pounds.  This is because they don’t use ink, and so don’t need ink cartridges – as well as not needing the hardware to power a moving inkjet head.

More Reliable

  • They will last far longer and seeing warranties for 25 years it not uncommon.
  • They’re more reliable because they don’t have moving pieces of hardware which are far more susceptible to breaking


  • Thermal Printers have access to internal Bluetooth.  This is because it helps them in being far more portable whereas for inkjet printers it’s not such a big difference due to their larger size.
  • You will find every single inkjet device by Canon/HP needs external adapters such as a usb dongle.

In terms of mobility you’ll find no better than a thermal wireless mobile printer.

They’re far more transportable and more reliable and these two aspects combine for incredible use for people who need a travel printer.

However I wouldn’t recommend them at all if you need high resolution or very fast printing, as their printing capabilities are more limited to monochrome (black and white) and a little slower.

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