Cheap and Affordable Movable Inkjet Printers for those on a Budget

If you’re reading this page you’ve probably discovered that portable printers are very expensive… especially once you factor in the cost of wireless adapters and batteries.  This page is to help you find the best deal, as well as how to avoid getting ripped off.

There are a few different methods to getting the cheapest price, the first thing to look into is whether inkjet technology printers are what you’re looking for. 

This may not make sense at first, but most people are unaware that inkjet technology is just one of two different types of mobile printing technologies available.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for just 2 or 3 pages from the WPP homepage then it doesn’t exist.  End of story.

Finding the best deals on mobile printers using inkjet technology

So the first thing which you need to ask yourself is what sort of printing technology do you want?  Remember there’s no such thing as laser technology (for mobile devices) and the choices are between thermal and inkjet.

The truth is that most people will prefer inkjet, but there’s a minority of users out there that will find thermal devices very useful because of a few unique traits.

They’re cheaper to run, similar in price, far more reliable and far more portable – they have their downsides too of course – but we’d recommend reading the inkjet page we linked above because the chances are that’s still what you’ll want.

Saving money on the peripheral items


A lot of people try to save money on the raw device itself, but they’d actually be able to save much more far easier by getting discounted pries on the peripheral items which 90% of people want – the battery and wireless adapters.  Just remember that a Bluetooth adapter (50 dollars) and a battery (100 dollars) and potentially a car charger/Wifi adapter can actually cost more than the entire device itself.

  • Remember that the lithium/nickel ion battery is going to cost you from 100-120 dollars which is half the price of the device itself.    You won’t be able to get these for a ‘steal’, but just remember that the raw printers are sold at a loss in most cases – they get their money back from ink cartridges as well as the two peripheral accessories I’ve just mentioned.  This means you can find compatible batteries or some at much lower prices.
  • Just bare in mind that the wireless adapters (Bluetooth and WiFi) are in most cases model (or model range) specific, meaning that if someone’s no longer using a device it’s no longer useful to them.  Whereas they can cost around 50-70 dollars new, you can find them for a steal on websites such as Ebay (sometimes as low as 10 dollars).  People who don’t need something will sell it cheap… but people who know it’s never even going to keep in use ever are going to sell it even cheaper.  We personally think this is the best way to save the most money realistically.

A little warning about refurbished/used printers…


In some cases you’ll find that refurbished/used devices are practically non functional.  I’ve read many reviews about people who essentially got a paper weight and then was unable to contact the manufacturer.  Now the truth is that I’ve read more reviews about people with bad experiences than those with good ones… but it’s also important to remember that people who have good experiences are far less likely to feel inclined to write a review.

Ultimately I think the chances of buying a used/refurbished mobile printer which arrives non functional is slim, but there’s certainly a decent possibility (I’d say around 10-20%).

Different purchasing websites


Our recommendation is that you aim to go for Amazon if you want to purchase your printer.  Now admittedly it’s not the cheapest (although at the moment Canon’s printers are discounted) but you’ll find it’s one of the cheapest.

The reason you should of course go for it is that as long as you’re buying from the trusted sellers (most likely Canon or Hewlett-Packard) then you’ll definitely get your money back (or a new device) if anything goes wrong.

Mobile printing is a new realm and a new barrier for technology.  Don’t think that there’s no chance it won’t just arrive broken, because it does sometimes happen – especially since the moving active parts in inkjet devices are somewhat fragile.

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