Buy Cheap Battery Printers for Netbooks and Laptops

If you’re for mobile printers for laptops then there are a few important things which need to be considered such as portability and core functionalities.

There are a few key things which you really need to consider when you’re buying your first mobile printer, and the main aspect which you need to think long and hard about is exactly how ‘mobile’ you need it to be.  Let me give a few examples, to start with you could be a travelling businessman who is planning on carrying it onto the plane in his hand luggage to avoid damage, and setting it up at a hotel or conference for printing there.  He doesn’t need it for printing on the go such as in the car, but he just needs a quality printer which is easier to carry and can be used from several locations such as his hotel room for example.  In this case then I would suggest getting an inkjet based portable printer, but as you’ll see below this certainly won’t be ideal for everyone and everything shall be explained.

Another person who needs this type of device may need it for work ‘in the field’, perhaps at a job site.  Maybe it’s a student who wants something really small to carry in his backpack or even a deep pocket.  In this case then clearly the printer at hand needs to be much small, more portable, have a battery because there may not be consistent AC power and just as importantly it needs to be lightweight too.

In this case when looking for a mobile printers for laptops then I wouldn’t suggest an inkjet at all, I’d suggest a thermal printer.  You won’t have heard much about these but you’ll actually encounter them on a daily basis in the form or receipt or ticket machines.  If you’ve ever worked with one you may have wondered why they don’t seem to need their ink replacing – they don’t use ink!  You’ll also have seem some absolutely ancient cashiers and the reason for this is that they’re very reliable, they’ll definitely last you a long time and far longer than an inkjet.  They’re much more lightweight – usually no more than two pounds but generally within the 1.5-2.0 pounds category which makes them more than easy to carry.  Furthermore they’re very compact, they don’t have moving parts such as the moving inkjet head so they take up less space.  They’re also reliable because of this lack of moving parts too as per mentioned above.

Another important aspect when you’re trying to pick a wireless portable printer is looking at what kind of connectivity you want.  Now as with all pieces of technology there’s the simple at the complicated.  Most people tend to use usb 2.0, but there are parallel printer ports, direct media transfer ports as well as wireless options such as IrDA – infrared, Bluetooth, and wireless access point coverage.

One thing to watch out for is whether the mobile printer for your laptop comes with any connectivity whatsoever.  This may sound ridiculous (at it is), but some manufacturers don’t always ship their printers with the usb 2.0 cable, it’s seen as an optional extra and so it can be a week or so before people can actually use their printer because they’ve realized they need to buy one.

I think the wireless connectivity capacities for most mobile printers is pretty top notch nowadays.  There’s a lot of variation, although for some reason most ‘wireless’ printers all still seem to come with infrared even though it’s very outdated.  You’ll find the vast majority of portable printers come with the option of purchasing a Bluetooth adapter, but you need to make sure that you factor this into your price because they can easily cost as high as 50 dollars.  That’s not even a rare high figure that’s actually a very realistic price and they’re also device specific in most cases (sometimes they’ll work within the same product line) so you can’t just buy one and use it for life, it’s just for that specific printer.

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