External Bluetooth Adapters in Mobile Inkjet Printers

One annoying thing about portable printers using inkjet technology is with regards to their Bluetooth adapters which all must be external.


When it comes to devices based on thermal technology you’ll find that they support both internal and external adapters, but with inkjet devices you’re forced into a corner of only having external ones.

External Bluetooth Adapters are a Problem:

  • They’re far more likely to get knocked out of the device, especially considering that you may be in tight conditions.  This endangers the usb port and the dongle itself.
  • Packing them away is a hassle, especially because in most situations you’ll want the device for light printing.
  • The point of wireless connectivity is that you don’t have to carry around cables; it defeats the point completely to just replace cables with a dongle/Compact Flash card.
  • It looks ridiculous sticking out horizontally.

The really irritating thing about this is that only the Bluetooth Canon PIXMA iP100 is capable of any kind of internal adapter.

In this instance it’s not actually even a proper internal one, it’s just an external one which can be mounted inside.  Now admittedly this is still a significant step up, but when you consider that practically all thermal printers are capable of internal store it begs the question of why.

The only reason I can think of is that it means that people aren’t forced to pay the 50-70 dollars required for an adapter installed inside if they don’t want it.  I do think this is understandable because if you didn’t want it then you’d essentially be supplementing the costs of those who did.

But what frustrates me is why they don’t have two sets of products available because clearly internal Bluetooth is highly sought after.

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