What you must know about Expensive Portable Printers

Expensive Portable Printer.  In today’s blooming market there’s massive selection of portable printers.  But the most important thing to remember when buying a portable printer, isn’t that the most expensive portable printers are the best.  But the portable printer that fits in with your life, and how’ll use it is the best – regardless of cost.  Confused?  Let me explain…

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If I were to google search for portable printers, I’d be met with a myriad of results, ranging from tiny portable printer models that were very cheap.  To right across the spectrum at some expensive portable printer models that clearly would cost a lot.  Many people would think that the more costly portable printer would be the ‘best’ portable printer, but this simply isn’t the case.  Let me explain.

If there were two sports cars, and one cost vastly more than the other.  It would be pretty safe to assume that the more costly one was perhaps faster, newer and so fourth.  It’s the best expensive, so it has the greatest capabilities.  This is very much the same with portable printers… but with one big difference.  When someone’s looking to buy a sports car, they’re looking to buy one because it’s fast and girls love it.  Therefore, buying a more exspensive one, one that’s faster is clearly what all the consumers want – the difference is some people that would want one can’t afford it.

Now with portable printers, if I were to dish out greater sums of money for a portable printer, then sure I might get more functions and bigger ink tanks and so on.  But the real question you have to ask yourself is, “will it benefit me?”

You see, some people will mindlessly buy an expensive portable printer without asking the real question as to whether it’s right for them.  People seem to think that if you buy the best model, then it’ll be the best to each and every person.

Let me give you an example…


Lets say theirs a building project managed who always needs files, documents, schematics and orders constantly printed.  For him, a portable printer would save him time because he doesn’t have to go back to wherever he prints.  This person, simply takes the portable printer out of a bag or pocket, and gets printing.  Now clearly for someone who’s carrying a portable printer around all day he can’t have a large one.  You see large portable printers admittedly tend to have more functions, larger ink tanks and battery lifes but they do lack the size factor.

I mean, sure they’re portable in the sense you can carry them around briefly.  But a truly portable printer is one that can be carried around effortlessly.  A large portable printer is a device someone may be able to carry for place to place to then set it down to print.  But it’s not something that someone would want to be carrying around all day due to its weight and mass.  That’s why going for the best portable printer option isn’t just going after the most expensive one, it’s about going for the one that suits you the most.

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