Different types of wireless portable printers

Believe it or not there are lots of different mobile printers to choose from as well as their wireless interfaces.  The truth is that finding information on them can be quite difficult because information is sparse and frankly sometimes misleading.  Find out more below.

There are a few main problems for people who want to buy this kind of device and before you think this post is going to waste your time let me just say that spending 400 dollars on something to find out it’s not what you thought it was is going to be a real pain for you so it’s best to educate yourself first.  Right?

When it comes down to it the most simplified way of looking at things is to split up the different types of printing mechanisms into two separate groups.  There are your inkjet and thermal based devices.  These both have their upsides and you better believe their downsides too, and depending on your situation dictate which you should purchase.

Then you have your wireless connectivity options and in this category you have three options to choose from.  You have infrared, Bluetooth or WiFi.  Just remember that depending on your device depends on whether you can access any (or all three of them).  Furthermore you’ll find some devices such as thermal mobile printers don’t actually have the ability to connect to wireless access points (WiFi).  Inkjet devices on the other hand have far more flexibility – some can have all three or others just one, so make sure what to look out for.

Next you need to look at what you want your core abilities to be – do you want basic text printing in black and white, or do you want to be printing of high resolution photographs?  Just remember that the more capabilities you add to your device the less transportable it becomes as its weight and size both increase.  Just food for thought for those if you have the cash to buy what they think is the ‘best’ without realizing they could be sacrificing a substantial section of the mobility aspect.

Finally there’s the question of how movable do you want your wireless mobile printer to be?  Do you want to be able to carry it in your pocket, or would you want a bag to hold it in?  Are you going to be carrying it for a lot of time or is its weight not important to you?  Do you need its physical dimensions to be as small as possible because you’re fitting it into a small space or not?

As you can see there are a lot of different options to look at and I’ve written down the most important there are.  Generally you’ll find that thermal printers are designed for people who want to be truly mobile in how and where they print.  For other people who don’t necessarily need something so compact and lightweight but want a fatter printer if they can have better printing resolutions and speeds then you’ll find inkjets are the place to be.

I’d say that the most popular by far are inkjet and Bluetooth based portable printers because of their high quality printing, quick speeds (relatively of course) and wireless connectivity regardless of being absent from a wireless access point.

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