If you’d like to contact us for product recommendations based on your needs or other general inquiries please send your emails to contact(at)

If you need need a printer recommendation it’s important to include whether it needs to be wireless or portable (or both), how portable (weight and size dimensions – roughly if you don’t have specific figures), what type of wireless connectivity (Bluetooth, infrared or wireless access points) and finally what type of print mechanism (inkjet, laser, thermal – although this will depend on how portable you need the device to be in some case).

If you need support for any issues please go ahead and visit our support page for further details as well as a dedicated email help service.

If you’re interested in learning more about wireless portable printers in general then I suggest you check out our general guide page, wireless portable printer which has lots of great information available.

If you aren’t interested in such a device and just want either portable printing or stationary wireless printing then visit our portable printer and wireless printer pages respectively.

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