Cheap Portable Printer (For the Cheapest Budgets)

Cheap portable printers are becoming the option nowadays for a lot of people that can’t afford the more expensive models.  They offer reduced abilities and functions at a very reduced prices, and so are opening the doors of portable printing to a lot of people who in the past wouldn’t have it.

Cheap portable printers allow portable printing from under $200, which may sound like a lot in comparison to regular desktop printers, but compared against most portable printers it’s a very reasonable price. These devices tend to come as portable printers for laptops which in themselves are devices that cater more to laptops as the primary area from which information is sent that needs to be printed.

Wireless Mobile Printing…


Cheap portable printing tends to be only in black and white, and not in color. The budget models will generally not have the connectivity that Bluetooth portable printer have. Generally the only ways to print using these models is via a usb cable from a computer. This will suit most people of course, but you have to remember that in fact flash disks, usb sticks, and bluetooth are all things which can be used to print using the latest printers on the market.

Regular Portable Printers


These cheap mobile printers tend to be smaller and weigh less than there larger counterparts. This is a plus to many people, as quite a few people who buy a portable printer want to use theirs on the go. This means that people generally won’t want a large bulky portable printer – even if it does have better printing speeds and so fourth.

Budget Printing…


The thing you have to realise, is as soon as you buy a cheap wireless portable printer, you’re sacrificing the advanced quality. What I mean by this, is that some things that tend to come with portable printers are lost – such as the ability to print color. But the simply quality functions are there, for example the printing it does is generally to a very high standard. Sure, it might not print as fast, but it’s still relatively quick, and unless your job relies on fast printing speeds it’ll hardly be a problem.

Many students nowadays are buying  cheap mini portable printers for laptops that are tiny and can fit into their bags, such as Printstik Mobile Printer models. This means they can carry these slim line printers into their lessons and classes, from hall to hall. When they need to print something out, it’s just a case of pulling on the laptop and portable printer, connecting them and voila. Printing on the go. Easy and simple.


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