Canon Portable Printer Reviews

If you’re looking for information regarding the portable printer devices which Canon makes then reviews are the first place you need to check.  Find out more below.

We suggest that you should check out our page on Canon, including their best product as well as our reviews and user reviews.

  • We believe that Canon produces the best devices available, which is why their flagship PIXMA iP100 is even featured in our banner at the top.
  • Our opinion is that they’re superior to HP in terms of specifications, but more importantly reliability.
Canon's mobile printer's reviews

Canon's iP100 Mobile Printer has the highest Amazon reviews of any device in the world at the moment.

I’ll admit that sometimes I have a tough time understanding how people pick the wrong portable printers when there’s such a mountain of different free reviews out there on the internet.  One of the best places to look for reviews in my opinion is Amazon and when it comes to this type of electronic product you find some really intelligent well written reviews.  These really cut down to what’s good and what’s bad and the best thing is that people who’ve had the device for several years tend to write down their experiences.

This is perfect in finding out how reliable the product is, whether it’ll last X amount of years and also if it’s particularly durable.  They help you in finding out if the print heads are susceptible for drying out for example.  One of the most common problems to look out for are related to the paper feeding mechanism and although I would say that Canon has pretty much cleared this issue up with its later portable printer devices, it’s still an issue which affects some of its earlier models.  Now you may ask yourself ‘how does this affect me?’, but the truth is that a lot of these earlier models are still very sought after because you can get them at relatively cheap prices nowadays.

If you can buy a mobile printer which had perhaps 80-90% of the core functions of something which is 300-500% more expensive than you can expect many people to leap at the opportunity to own something which is practically as good for a fraction of the price.

As I said, Amazon is great for reviews but it’s also worth checking out CNET as well for a really great analysis which are usually very accurate.  The site also contains people’s reviews themselves so you’re not just getting one perspective, but overall I would still say that Amazon is the best.  One thing to look out for is checking for whether the device is firstly by a ‘real person’ and also if it’s an ‘Amazon verified purchase’.  These are pretty self explanatory so I won’t go into them, but some second hand sellers tend to write false reviews about how good a product is when in fact they’re simply just trying to increase their sales figures.  This became an increasingly common tactic on Amazon until they issued these two points which help people figure out if a review is more likely to be genuine or not.

I think that overall when it comes down to it the Canon portable printer you can buy online is superior to that of HP.  People still tend to think that for some reason HP is better or equal to them and the simple truth is that they’re just not at all.  Whether you’re talking about reliability, durability or the core functions such as how quickly it prints or the resolutions it can hit Canon just wins hand’s down.  When it comes to their best and latest product each, both are a wireless portable printer device, and you can tell by both the specifications and reviews that Canon’s design is simply better.  But don’t take my word for it it’s important you check these things for yourself!

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