Canon Mobile Photo Printers with PictBridge and CompactFlash Card Slots

One of the great things about a lot of Canon’s latest portable printers is their use of PictBridge and CompactFlash accessible card slots – especially when it comes to photo printing.  I’ll go over which of the models you should be taking a look at.  Find out more below.

A lot of people are confused about what exactly PictBridge is, so I’ll very briefly explain it.

There are PictBridge enabled printers and cameras – some aren’t as obvious because they may be labeled just as having a ‘printer transfer protocol’ or PTP – and so a lot of investigation has to be done in making sure which are compatible and which are not.

  • PictBridge works by connecting your enabled printer and camera together by a simple usb 2.0 cable which has just normal usb ports on either end.
  • Remember that you don’t need any special hardware, there are no such things as PictBridge cables – they’re just 2 dollar, two way usb cables which are barely used anymore due to usb memory sticks.

One your mobile printer is connected then software which is already pre-installed is activated and the camera display pops up with onscreen options.

This allows you to select and configure what you want to have printed off.

The perfect example of this is the Canon PIXMA iP100 Mobile Photo Printer which is PictBridge enabled and is able to house a usb card slot adapter.

Now as you can imagine it is useful using this kind of technology, but then on the other hand most people will be using them at home so I personally don’t see the point in speeding things up so slowly.  On the other hand when you have an advanced mobile photo printer designed by the likes of Canon which is portable you can see the immediate advantage.

You can walk around and take photographs and print them of then and there because you have your printer with you.  You don’t need to haul around a laptop because of the Printer Transfer Protocol, and you don’t need an AC adapter because you can purchase batteries.  All you literally need is some photograph paper, the printer, the camera and a standard usb 2.0 cable.  That’s it.

To start with in terms of specifications this is the best movable device and it hits resolution figures for photographic color printing of 9600 x 2400 dots per inch.  This is double that of HP’s best – the OfficeJet 100.

It has high powered lithium-ion batteries for ‘in the field’ usage and as importantly it has car chargers which work using the cigarette lighter.  This allows for constant powering of your device wherever you’re going.  Just remember that the printing has enough power for several hundred prints – which means you’re going to run out of ink if you’re printing normal resolution photos far before you run out of power.

What’s more is that this particular Canon Mobile Photo Printer for a Laptop has usb ports which can have card readers attached to.

If you take a look at the specifications on Canon’s website you can see which cards can be used.  This means that you’re able to use cameras which aren’t actually PictBridge enabled.  What this means is that even if your camera doesn’t have a PTP but does have a memory card you can still print of your device.  All you need to do is purchase a card reader which is compatible (first checking that your card type is compatible on their website) and then slot it all together and get going!

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