Canon BJC 85 Review

When it comes to performance the BJC 85 by Canon is hardly the best performing device in the world, but there are definitely some good reasons as to why it may well be the device for you.  Find out more below.

Looking at this from a date perspective you’ll see that this Canon BubbleJet is relatively old and its technical specifications reflect this.  On the other hand this does inherently have some advantages which you may find pleasing.

Before we get started, if you want to view Canon’s latest portable printer, we recommend the Canon iP100 – which is their flagship product.

It’s also certainly worth checking out Canon’s unique page we created which has everything you need to know.

Its print speeds are unimpressive at 5 pages per minute for black and white and 2 pages per minute for color.  It has a small number of inkjet nozzles which print 720 x 360 dots per inch resolution (with smooth) prints for both monochrome and color.

But don’t be put off from buying this device becayse you think it won’t be compatible with the latest operating systems because Canon are very good at supporting their earlier models – it’s compatible with the latest Windows operating system – 7 -, and most Mac Operating systems.

Whereas it admittedly has slow printing speeds and incredibly mediocre resolution figures for modern day printers it does have the added advantage of being able to be fitted with a Canon scanning cartridge.  The IS-12 color image scanner cartridge allows for 360dpi scanning for both color and monochrome which can turn your mobile printer into both a printer and a scanner.

It has an optional nickel-metal battery which offers around 200 pages per single charge which is quite impressive compared to some later models which can only hit around 100 pages.  What’s more is that it’s incredibly lightweight – around 4.5 pounds, but that’s with both the AC adapter and the battery pack – its base weight is only 3.1 pounds.  Just remember that most specifications (especially from HP) tend to give only the base device without the optional extras, but this unit provides both.

One feature that this does have which isn’t employed by many later models is an automatic sheet feeder.  This isn’t an optional extra like in some cases, it’s simply a standard part of the design and it can hold 30 sheets of paper.  It can print a variety of different sizes – letter, legal, A4, U.S. #10 envelopes and European DL envelopes.  It doesn’t have an especially wide variety but this is far more work related than you printing of your Hawaii holiday pictures.

The Canon BJC 85 also comes with high speed infrared which is very useful if you have a PDA, but for a lot of people it won’t be a help at all – it does come with parallel ports as well as usb 2.0 of course so that should be some relief, but it doesn’t come with the optional to utilize either Bluetooth or connect to a wireless access point which is somewhat of a letdown.

Overall this is a solid Canon portable printer but you may be wondering why you’d want to buy a device which is admittedly a little outdated.  Well the truth is that you can get them at steal prizes nowadays, and although its specifications don’t live up to later models it will certainly suit the needs of most people.  If you need especially quick printing or you’re just impatient by nature then stay away, the same is true if you want glossy high quality photographs – but other than that its resolution is perfectly fine for pictures and text and will suit the needs of most people, which is why it’s a definite option you should look into.

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