Canon BJC (BubbleJet Canon) 80 – Wireless, Battery and Scanning Attachments

If you’re looking for a printer which is going to stay with you, then you’ll be glad you’ve found the Canon BJC-80 because this was built to last you a very long time.  This is very refreshing when contrasted to the vast majority of portable printers on the market which tend to break down within 2 years relating to issues regarding moving parts which are endemic within  the portable inkjet printing industry.  Find out more below.

When it comes to reliability then you will be hard pressed to find anything like this.  I spend a lot of my time reviewing printers, some of them I class as the ‘best’ on an overall basis, or ‘good value’ or ‘good for person(s) x y z’ – and in this instance I’m telling you that if you want a portable printer which is going to last from 5 to 10 years then you’re onto a winner.  I’ll tell you right away that its core functions are not spectacular, and it’s a compromise model between portable, reliability and specifications – all carefully balanced so that for the right person this will be exactly the portable printer they’ve been looking for.

Let’s take a look at how portable this is, and as always I’ve split portability up into two main criteria – the mass (weight) of the printer including the peripheral items which make it a mobile printer such as printer and AC adapter, and the physical dimensions of the printer.  These are both very important to help you make a decisions as to whether this is suitable for you, and if you want a really small mobile printer – one which can fit in a pocket for example, then inkjet printers are going to be far too big for you and I’d suggest a thermal portable printer as your only real option (their downsides are their price and lower resolution quality).

In this instance the Canon BJC-80 is quite average, weighing 4.5 pounds and having the dimensions of 11.8 x 2.2 x 6.2 inches.  If someone asked me what are the average dimensions/weight for an inkjet mobile printer these are probably the figures I’d quote them.  So it’s nothing special here, it’s reasonably portable but as I’ve said completely average.

Let’s take a look at its printing now.  It prints 4.5 pages per minute in black and 2 ppm in color meaning that it’s comparatively very slow when compared against stationary printers and still quite slow when compared with portable printers.  Most stationary printers can reach around 25ppm in black and white and 12 ppm in color, and for mobile printers they can reach around 15ppm black and white and 5-7 color.  So right away we’re seeing a definite under performance.

Canon Portable BJC-80 Printer

Canon Portable BJC-80 Printer

It prints in 720 x 360 dpi in both black and white and color which means it’s also quite poor when compared with most other printers.  On the other hand this isn’t actually as bad as it may sound, unfortunately when it comes to mobile printers which aren’t as reliable and long lasting as this one than sacrifices have to be made.  Now its printing speeds are slow, and its resolution is comparatively low.  But the truth is unless you’re very impatient or in a hurry then printing speeds will suffice for the added portability and although the resolutions are comparatively low I wouldn’t call them ‘bad’ per say.  Unless you need really high quality print out the chances are this is going to be fine.  If you’re looking for the best then go for the Canon PIXMA iP100 because at the moment it’s the best wireless portable printer out there.

The Canon BJC-80 doesn’t have usb which is a let down (although you can buy an adapter), but it instead uses infrared for ‘wireless’ printing or parallel access ports.  Personally I don’t consider infrared wireless, and I know it technically is, but considering no one really uses it anymore in way of Bluetooth I’ve simply decided not to class it within the same category for ease-of-use purposes.

Canon BJC-80

Canon BJC-80

Its battery life is very impressive, printing around 200 pages per single charge which is very good for portable printing.  It prints on most types of paper, envelopes, high resolution paper, plain paper and inkjet paper to name just a few.  It also supports several paper sizes such as letter, legal, A4, #10 or European envelopes.  It certainly doesn’t have the versatility of most of the latest Canon wireless portable printer products you can find but it performs well for the majority of people’s needs.

Let’s take a look at its reliability.  I have never read such incredible reviews commentating on its outstanding lasting time on Amazon or any of the printer forums I visit.  The majority of people have posted comments saying that they’ve had the printer for 5 years plus and it’s still going strong.  Or they’ve had it for x amount of years with still no problems.  If you don’t know much about Canon portable printers for laptops or indeed all inkjet-based printers, HP or otherwise then you won’t realize quite how remarkable this is.

Canon BJC-80

Canon BJC-80

Most printers for both companies tend to accrue problems in just one to two years because the print mechanisms invariably use moving parts.  If you’re constantly moving moving parts they tend to become faulty which is why it’s surprising that this can last just so long as it does.  It’s  refreshing.

If you’re looking for somewhere to check out which are the best mobile printers then frankly I’ll just direct you to my Canon portable printer page.  I have a HP variation but the truth is HP just isn’t performing like it once used to, and especially when it comes to later models Canon is simply outperforming HP which is why if you want the best models (at similar prices) then Canon is really the best option, but I do recommend you compare with my HP page for peace of mind.

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