Buying the HP q6282a notebook and mobile printer case

If you’re a businessman looking for portable printing using your notebook and HP OfficeJet 100 (most likely) then you’ll certainly be interested in the q6282a case.

Now although this was specifically designed for use with the H470 model, you’ll actually find that this is a little bit outdated… but luckily it’s one of HP’s largest mobile printers so it’ll fit its replacements such as the OfficeJet 100 with no problem.  Don’t be deceived into thinking it’s also going to get knocked around since it’s too loose, it’s still a good fit – and most importantly, once other items have been added into the bag you’ll find that it’s more that suitable.

HP q6282a notebook and mobile printer case

HP q6282a notebook and mobile printer case

The HP notebook and printer case has several features which makes it very desirable.

Firstly it allows both your notebook/laptop to be stored alongside your printer in just one bag, no longer is there the need to have to carry around both bags at the same time.

Next, each of the compartments are padded to protect the items held within, obviously we wouldn’t recommend putting this in a plane’s baggage hold – but for minor bumps it’ll definitely be suitable.

  • A nice addition is the extra added compartments which allow for AC adapters, ink cartridges, PDAs and other small accessory items to be stored alongside your printer/notebook combination.

If you have a mobile scanner then you won’t have any trouble fitting it inside and you’re essentially creating an office in a single bag.

Perfect to be used with…


As I’ve mentioned above, you’ll find that [intlink id=”756″ type=”post”]HP\’s OfficeJet 100 photo printer[/intlink] is the perfect companion to use with this product.  But actually, you’ll find that if you look at the dimensions of most of the portable printers they’re very similar.  Taking a look a pictures doesn’t really give you a clear picture, but ultimately you’ll find that practically all models by both Canon and HP are going to be absolutely fine.

You’ll find out that HP’s models are generally a little bigger, but just remember that any extra space is usually more than made up for if you’re adding in ink cartridges, wireless adapters, a mouse, AC adapters and so forth.

If you want to learn more about [intlink id=”30″ type=”page”]HP\’s mobile wireless printers[/intlink] then check this out.

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