Cheap and Durable Thermal Battery Printers by Brother

When it comes down to it I class Brother as one of the best producers of thermal portable printers in the world at the moment.  They’ve got a range of really fantastic devices which are exactly suited for the average consumer.  Find out more below.

When it comes down to it I think that overall it’s Brother which produces some of the best mobile thermal printers in the world at the moment.  Now I’m not talking about the ones for printing off tickets or receipts I’m talking about the ones used by consumers such as businessmen or building site workers.  These are just two examples but they’re really for anyone who needs highly portable printing wherever they may be.

Now what I mean by ‘highly portable printing’ should be clarified because remember that there are plenty of inkjet printers which do a far better job at actually printing than any thermal mobile printers including that of Brother.

The difference is that they have to sacrifice their size, weight and hence their true portability in order to achieve those greater core functions.  If you’re in the know about portable thermal printers you’ll realize that inkjets are by far superior in terms of printing speeds and the resolution to which those prints are at.

Most inkjets can hit around 600 dpi for black and white and 3200 for color, and the truth is that thermal printers can’t get anywhere close to this figure at the moment.  It’s really important to recognize what to go for, because when it comes to Brother’s latest device – the Brother PocketJet 6 you’re not buying a great printer, you’re buying a mediocre printer – which is incredibly portable.

This is opposed to either Canon/HP where you’re buying a good printer which is nowhere near as portable.  Now I’m not going to say it isn’t portable whatsoever but the truth is that their inkjet counterparts weight on average 4-6 pounds, with thermal portable printers you’re looking at 1-2 pounds.  For their dimensions I’m not going to give the numbers in inches because that’s difficult to imagine, but they’re similar in size to a net book being twice as thick – whereas thermal based ones are similar in size to a laptop battery – you can fit it into a deep pocket for example!

When you’re looking at the Brother’s portable thermal printers you need to really access what your primary needs are – portability or functionality?  If it’s functionality then it’s time to look elsewhere.

Brother has its main base product which is the Brother PocketJet 6, but it also has a ‘Plus’ version of this and both of these have a ‘with Bluetooth’ version – totaling four products under the PocketJet 6 banner.

These are both the latest and the best printers which they’ve produced, and there are some slight variations.  For the non ‘with Bluetooth’  you can still actually purchase a Bluetooth adapter it’s just that the ‘with’ versions come with the Bluetooth already installed within the printer so you don’t need an annoying usb 2.0 dongle.  When it comes to the ‘Plus’ device – so it would read Brother PocketJet 6 Plus, you’re getting an increase in the resolution to which it can print from 200 dpi to 300 dpi for both black and white, and color.  This may not sound a lot, but as I said above you’re paying for the portability – and if you need to print out graphical photos for example these won’t be anywhere near as good enough.

They’re a great portable printer and I’d recommend buying the ‘with Bluetooth’ version for ease of use.  Sure their resolution is nowhere near as high as their inkjet counterparts but the truth is they’re not really for people who need flashy pieces of paper, they’re for people who are printing of very much work-dedicated piece of paper.  Instructions, manuals, schematics are all things they can and do handle very well – just don’t expect them to be able to print of glossy photos!

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