Wireless Bluetooth Brother Portable Printers (Tiny, Monochrome and Lightweight)

Brother’s flagship printer is their PocketJet 6 Plus mobile Bluetooth printer.

Brother PocketJet 6 Plus Reviews

Click the image above to find out more. This is the smallest device on the market, black and white only, 300 Dpi, Bluetooth-enabled thermal printer.

  • Consumers who need A4 sized monochrome, (black and white) crisp text and image printing.
  • Those who need the most portable of all the mobile printers, in terms of mass, physical dimensions and peripheral items.
  • People who need incredible a reliable, durable, low-maintenance and low runningcost device.
  • In-built Bluetooth, usb interfaces, internal paper roll storage and batteries inclusive in the price.

If you think this is for you then check out Brother’s PocketJet 6 Plus who want their printing whilst travelling.

Based on Thermal Printing Technology


All of Brother’s devices are based on thermal as opposed to inkjet printing mechanisms.

  • This allows for models which are comparatively compact (1/8th smaller) and lightweight (1/7th of the weight).
    • However thermal technology does have limitations, with the foremost being its lack of color printing.
  • It does have advantages such as allowing in-built Bluetooth adapters (not possible for inkjet based models).

If you’re unsure as to whether thermal printing technology is what you’re after then I suggest you check out its own page.

  • From here you can device whether it’s what you’re looking for, or whether you want to opt for an inkjet device.

Note: Just remember there are no such things as ‘laser’ mobile printers.

Brother PocketJet Range


If you’re a consumer looking for ultra mobile printer for use while on the go then Brother’s PocketJet (PJ) model line is what you’re looking for if:

  • You value transportability over core printing specifications.
    • Transportability is (primarily) the unit’s size (physical dimensions) and weight (mass).
    • Core printing specifications are (primarily) the unit’s maximum resolution figures and its printing speed.

As I’m sure you can tell this is an oversimplification, below I’ve listed some people who I think won’t want a PocketJet printer:

  • People who need any sort of color/photo printing.
  • A greater variety of wireless connectivity interface options as opposed to just Bluetooth.
  • If the transportability (portability) isn’t a big issue (perhaps it’s being used in the car).
  • Those who need upwards of 20 pages per minute (as opposed to 4-6) in terms of printing speeds.

People often ask me what the best printer is, and there really isn’t one anymore than there’s a best color.  It’s all based on your requirements and preferences, which is why this website was created.

  • To create a progressive set of options based on consumer demand, to narrow down the choices on offer to guide people to what it is they have in mind.

If you want an overview of the confusing different variations amongst the two different PocketJet devices (and their subsequence six variations) then I suggest you visit our specific page.

The PJ range is Brother’s solution for transportable work printers – Check out our Brother PocketJet page here.

Complete explanation of the difference between the ‘Plus’ and ‘with Bluetooth’ adaptations, as well as explaining a few things you won’t know about their different Bluetooth options.

Brother PocketJet

Brother PocketJet

Brother PocketJet 6


The PocketJet 6 (or PJ 6) is the latest thermal based printer that Brother has create to replace its predecessor the PocketJet 3.

There are a number of reasons we’d suggest choosing this over the PJ 3:

  • More reliable, absolutely no moving parts significantly reduces the chance of the device breaking.
  • Double the printing speed.
  • Greater flexibility with regards to wireless connectivity.

If you want to know more then check out our Brother PocketJet 6 page if you’re interested in learning more.

Our opinion is that one of the four variations of this (the ‘Plus with Bluetooth’) is the most advanced of Brother’s thermal mobile printers to this date.

Brother PocketJet 6

Brother PocketJet 6

Brother PocketJet 3


Although we don’t recommend this for most people there are certainly some reasons to purchase the PocketJet 3 (PJ 3) (even if it has been discontinued by Brother).

  • From a price perspective it’s sizably cheaper whilst retaining most core functions.

The main reason to purchase this device is that it can do most of what its replacement can do at a disproportionally smaller cost.

For those on a tight budget I’d suggest checking out our Brother PocketJet 3 for more information.

However, we do not generally recommend purchase outdated and discontinued products because of the issues which can arise.

Brother PocketJet 3

Brother PocketJet 3