Brother PocketJet Mobile Thermal Printers with Bluetooth

If you’re looking for a portable thermal printer which can use Bluetooth then I suggest the Brother PocketJet range.  Find out why below.

There are a number of good reasons why going for Brother’s PJ range is a good idea.  To start with there are four different versions within the range which allow catering to people’s specific printing needs.  There is the standard version and the Plus version, with the only difference between these is that the Plus version allows for an increased resolution figure of 100 dpi bringing it to 300 dpi.

Considering how low the dpi figures are on these black and white printers it’s quite a big increase.  Next these two models have a ‘with Bluetooth’ or just a regular version.  By the way I should have mentioned this at the top but I’m referring to the PocketJet 6 – not the PJ 3 which is now quite outdated and not worth getting.

  • All this culminates in there being the following PocketJet 6 Printers:
  1. PocketJet 6 – Normal – Bluetooth only available via external adapter
  2. PocketJet 6 Plus – Extra 100 dpi increase – Bluetooth only available via external adapter
  3. PocketJet 6 with Bluetooth – Normal – Bluetooth internally installed
  4. PocketJet Plus with Bluetooth – Extra 100 dpi increase – Bluetooth internally installed

I really hope this simple but effective section has cleared up a lot of the misinformation because it is so difficult to get to the bottom of what they actually mean and what they do.

Now I’m going to go over the general capacities with which the ‘normal’ version can do – just remember that the only differences are with the Bluetooth and extra 100 dots per inch.  So all the different three variations are practically identically apart from either one or two changes – important to know!

To start with the Brother PocketJet is monochrome only (black and white) thermal printers.  They require their own special thermal paper which is stored in rolls within the main body, but do not require ink cartridges as they use heat to operate.

Bluetooth is available for all wireless thermal mobile printers, but the ‘with’ options mean it is housed internally as opposed to having a dongle sticking out of a usb port on the side.  The prices are practically identical so it’s definitely worth going for the version which has it internally installed.

These are perfect with for using with laptops because of the Bluetooth connectivity but most importantly are valuable portable printers for the following reasons:

  • They’re ultra lightweight at 1.3 pounds and incredibly compact being comparable in size to a note book battery.  The combination of its tiny physical dimensions and low mass allow it to be carried around on your person for any length of time.
  • The peripheral items they require are far less than an inkjet printer.  You do not need to carry around paper because it’s stored inside.  You do not need ink cartridges because it does not need them.  You do not need external adapters (like all inkjet’s) because you can purchase them internally installed.
  • They’re incredibly reliable due to their lack of moving parts and open spaces within the device.  Finding free 25 year warranties is common, and thermal printers will last decades (if you’ve ever seen a cashier’s till which is ancient you’ll now know why – thermal technology!).

If you’re serious about getting a portable thermal Bluetooth printer than this is the best you can get at the moment.  In terms of prices printing capacity as well as its transportability you’ll find that this ticks every single box.

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