Brother PocketJet 6 Reviews – Concise and informative

The PocketJet 6 is one of the most portable printers in the world and an incredible product by Brother, find out why it’s so portable – as well as the drawbacks associated with this level of mobility.  Find out more below.

In terms of specifications if you were to compare the PJ6 to an inkjet mobile printer then you’ll definitely be disappointed.  In terms of resolutions, printing speed, battery charge, price and flexibility in comes out right at the bottom.  So you may be wondering why bother with this device and what’s so good about it?

Well as I said above, mobility is this products unique selling point, and it’s incredibly transportable to an extent which is ‘almost’ ridiculous.  This type of device is a compromise between attaining an incredibly compact device as well as what which is lightweight.  Most comparable inkjet’s weigh around 4-6 pounds whereas this weighs just 1.3 pounds.  Most inkjet’s cannot fit into a deep pocket – this can, in fact this is comparable in size to the battery of one of Canon/HP’s devices!

This is purely for people who want something they can carry around with them with the absolute minimum of hassle, and if you’re not one of those people you might as well leave now if I’m being honest.  If you go to this website’s homepage you’ll find easy access to exactly what you’re looking for.

In terms of core capabilities the PocketJet 6 has a reasonable resolution at 200 x 200 dots per inch for monochrome and color.  Now I’ll admit that when you compare this with its rivals it’s very low, but in truth I’d say that the biggest difference in resolutions which people can actually tell between are in the first few hundred.  When you start getting into the thousands then it frankly becomes impossible to be able to substantially differentiate between 4800 dpi or 4900 – whereas comparing between 200 and 300 dpi will be far more obvious.

One thing I really like about the Brother PocketJet 6 is its thermal paper roll, which is slotted within the device.  This all just plays into the mobility aspect such as it not requiring ink because it’s a thermal based device.  The paper roll is inserted and stored within the printer and allows for around 20 sheets of printing.  This substantially lightens the load for people who just want to take the device around with them, and not a various array of adapters, paper sheets, ink cartridges and more.

Its speed is slow as you’d have guessed at 6 pages per minute, it’s not ridiculously slow – but this isn’t something you should be using for a lot of printing anyway, so for most people it will suffice.  It comes with infrared and usb 2.0 connectivity as well as optional Bluetooth.  You can but the ‘with Bluetooth’ version where the adapter is stored within the device.  This is a big improvement from inkjet transportable printers which need an external usb Bluetooth dongle which somewhat defeats the point of portability because you’re still carrying around something with you.  If you don’t want the ‘with Bluetooth’ version at the moment, but think you may need it down the line then you can still buy an external adapter – but I’d highly recommend just getting it in-built because you don’t want an errant elbow to knock it out.

Overall this Brother mobile printer is a solid device and I don’t doubt that for a second.  Sure, in terms of core specifications it’s not up to scratch as when compared with inkjet rivals – but it’s simply a price you pay if you need a movable printer such as this.  Just like transportable inkjets aren’t as good as their stationary counterparts they take the damage of inferior core capabilities as a compromise position, and Brother does exactly the same.  For most people this won’t be suitable – but for others this will absolutely be the perfect device and exactly what they need.

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