Brother PocketJet 6 Portable Printer

Most portable printers aren’t actually portable in the sense most people think, this is not the case with the Brother PocketJet 6.  Find out why below.

When it comes to genuine portability the product you buy needs to weigh as little as possible and have dimensions that are small enough to reasonably fit into a bag or deep pocket.  Well the PJ 6 doesn’t fail to deliver in these two crucial criteria because they weigh only 1.3 pounds – only very slightly more than their predecessors the Brother PocketJet 3.  Not only is it very low in weight, but it has a very compact structure due to the thermal printing hardware, which because it has no moving parts makes it much smaller than thermal or inkjet printers.

The great improvement which Brother has made going from the PJ 3 series to this one is in allowing either in-built or optional Bluetooth.  The previous models only had infrared or usb 2.0 connectivity and since they’re both frankly outdated technologies it seem reasonable that they would produce a portable Bluetooth wireless printer such as they have done.

One important thing to remember is which products come with Bluetooth installed and which don’t.  This is important because the Bluetooth adapters which you can buy as an additional extra are a little bit of a non-start in my opinion because they need to be plugged in (via wires) to the usb 2.0 port.  I can definitely see some situations where this would be useful but then again, to most people it seems like just another wire to carry around.

Firstly there’s the regular Brother Pocketjet 6 which doesn’t come with Bluetooth pre-installed but does allow for the specific adapter.  I should just quickly note here that when it comes to printing and many other devices where Bluetooth adapters are required they’re almost always either product or brand-specific meaning that you can’t use an adapter from another device and just plug it in.

Secondly there’s the ‘with Bluetooth’ versions of either the PJ6 or the upgraded Brother PocketJet 6 Plus.  This option allows the installation of the adapter within the device meaning that you don’t need any wires or anything to carry around.  The Plus version can still have the additional adapter purchased or it can come with the ‘with’ option such as the regular printer.

What makes this a unique device (aside from its portability) is its paper storage feature which holds around 20 sheets of thermal printing paper.  This is pretty useful because it means you don’t need to carry around the Brother PocketJet Paper which just further adds to its portability.

Overall you’re looking at a pretty good printer, it’s capable of 200 dots per inch which may not sound like a lot but it’s about 1/4 more than the Ipad2 and if you’ve ever seen that close up it’s pretty much a visual masterpiece.  I’ll admit right away there are definitely a lot of printers out there with far high dots per inch, but the truth is these just aren’t mobile in the same way this is.  If you’re talking about something which is around 5-10 pounds and is bigger than a laptop then that’s only portable if you’re keeping it in the car and it’s just not suitable to carry around for any long or short length of time.

When it comes to genuine portable printer, this delivers.  When it comes to real wireless connectivity this deliver – just remember that Bluetooth is enabled with practically all laptops, mobile phones, PDAs, Ipads, Tablets, smart phones and so it opens up a whole host of potential printing points.  This is a real wireless portable printer and so it should be treated as such.  It doesn’t have the high dpis of larger competitor printers, it can’t print as fast (only 6 sheets per minute) and overall it has far fewer capabilities than when compared with stationary printers.  But what you’re paying for is convenience and true mobility and that’s what you get.

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