Brother PocketJet 6 Plus Reviews – Information and Quality

When I go ahead and take a look at the PocketJet 6 Plus by Brother I see one of the best truly mobile printers in the world – this isn’t just my own experiences but the countless reviews I’ve looked over and analyzed.  Find out more below.

When you take a look at the Plus version of the PJ 6 you get one major upgrade in terms of resolution which really brings it up to a decent standard.  It goes from 200 dots per inch to 300 dpi for both monochrome (black and white) and color.  Now 100 dots in an inch may not sound a lot when stationary competitors are easily hitting thousands of dpi – sometimes up to and above ten thousand.  But the truth is a lot of these ridiculous high figures are rarely used and not necessary.  They’re unnecessary because I frankly think it’s almost completely beyond human ability to distinguish between that many dots in an inch when the numbers are raised so high.  But when you’re talking about doubling the resolution at a figure where people can actually tell the difference it’s actually a dramatic change – as opposed to one where you’d have to have two identical articles next to each other and sit there for 20 minutes trying to figure out which one was clearer.

This Brother portable printer is based on thermal technology which has some massive advantages inherent within the design.  To start with in terms of portability they come out on top right away and they’re superior in every single aspect.  In terms of physical dimensions the PJ 6 Plus is comparable to that of a laptop battery apart from being a little longer to accommodate A4 and Letter paper sizes.  Regarding its mass it weighs 1.3 pounds which is exceptionally lightweight – you can expect inkjet alternative to be around 3-4 times heavier.

Also you in terms of extra items you have to carry around this is also a definite winner.  Again if you relate this back to inkjet mobile printers you’ll see that you have to carry around much more and not just a heavier and bulkier printer.  This means you’ll be carrying around ink cartridges, sheets of paper, and an external Bluetooth dongle.

However if you purchase the Brother PocketJet 6 Plus with Bluetooth there are no external adapters because it’s contained within.  Thermal based printers don’t use ink cartridges and use their thermal head instead to heat chemicals woven into the roll of thermal paper which causes a chemical reaction and a subsequent color change.  When it comes to the thermal paper that’s stored within the device in the roll I just mentioned, so you don’t have to carry any paper around.  As you can see you’re not just saving space with regards to the device, but all the extra accessories which you need for inkjet’s.

To summarize I think the Brother PJ 6 Plus is a incredibly good mobile printer in terms of your ability to move it while travelling.  Looking at its core specifications there’s no doubting its inferiority to some of its inkjet enemies, but ultimately it’s a sacrifice which you have to take if you want absolute mobility.

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