Brother PocketJet 3 Portable Printer

When it comes to a genuinely portable printer the PocketJet 3 by Brother does not fail to deliver.  They’re one of the very few printers which I consider has real portability.  Find out more below.

When it comes to real portability what do I mean by this?  I mean a product which is both lightweight and compact, it’s that simple.  Being lightweight is important but not as important as having a compact printer, never the less carrying something which is 3-4 pounds and up, is just too heavy to casually keep in a bag, purse or even a deep pocket.  When it comes to size I’d say this is probably more important than weight because true mobility means being able to carry the Brother PocketJet without having to compromise other possessions.  It’s one thing to stuff a massive ‘portable’ printer the likes of which Canon/HP product into your bag, but it’s quite another to be able to comfortably fit it in along with everything else and not have to sacrifice the candy bar or Times magazine.

The Brother PocketJet 3 lives up to these two core aspects which anyone would want.  Firstly it’s ultra-lightweight at around 1.2 pounds which is nothing compared to laptops which are around 5.0 pounds.  Secondly it’s just an inch or so longer than a sheet of A4 paper, and around two inches thick meaning that it’s incredibly compact.  Just imagine a laptop battery for a rough estimate of size, they’re small enough to fit between your fingers and light enough to stay there.

The reason for them being so small is their use of thermal printing which I can only applaud Brother for.  The designs they’ve come up with have really been excellent and set the stand, because in the past many thermal printers haven’t been used because the quality just wasn’t that good.  But this Brother portable printer is a significant step up because of being nearly as good as inkjet printers they’re almost there.  Now there’s no doubt in my mind that this doesn’t seem the case if you’re looking at things purely on a dots per inch basis.  But the 200 dots per inch which are produced here are more than enough, they’re around 40 more than Apple’s Ipad 2 and even more than the Kindle Fire.  Both of those devices are spectacular to look at and although many printers nowadays can easily hit triple this amount the truth is that level of detail just isn’t necessary.  If you’re an artist or photographer then maybe, but everyone else isn’t going to be able to tell the difference.

My one criticism of this particular printer is that it can’t be classed as a wireless portable printer because I simply don’t approve of infrared as falling under the category of wireless even though I know it technically is.  Who uses infrared anymore?  Almost nobody that’s who, and if you want true portable printing which is truly wireless too then I suggest looking at the replacement to this particular model the Brother PrintJet 6 which you can purchase either with Bluetooth fully pre-installed or you can get a Bluetooth adapter to plug into the usb 2.0 port.  Personally this seems a little self defeating because the point of wireless means wire-free printing and if you have to plug it into your usb 2.0 port that means wires, it means you have to carry things around and I’d highly recommend just getting the ‘wire Bluetooth’ printer which actually comes with everything pre-installed and ready to go.

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