Brother PocketJet 3 Plus Reviews – Information and Criticisms

When it comes down to it I think that if you want a cheaper, wireless capable and highly transportable thermal printer the PocketJet 3 Plus produced by Brother is your best choice.  Find out more below.

There are a couple of reasons that you’ll want to buy the PJ 3 as opposed to its replacement the number 6.  To start with it comes with the same dots per resolution figures as the PJ 6 Plus at 300 which means that in terms of printing quality it’s not actually worse.  I’ll admit that when it comes to printing that speeds this is much slower at 3 pages per minute as opposed to its replacement at 6ppm.  On the other hand in the grand scheme of things both are very low, and if you’re opting to use advanced thermal mobile printing then you’ve probably already accepted that you’re going to be siting around waiting for awhile so perhaps it’s not a problem – perhaps it’s more a problem, ultimately it depends on the person.

Next a further disadvantage is that this version actually contains some moving parts.  It doesn’t contain anything like an inkjet printer which has an inkjet head constantly whizzing across the page, but it still has some and these make it more susceptible to breaking.  People want a device which is reliable and no moving parts vastly increases the reliability for two main reasons.  Firstly it stops the accumulation of dirt and dust particulates gathering inside.  Secondly it means when the device is bumped around, as is likely considering it’s a mobile printer, there’s a much lower chance of the internal parts being broken because they’re kept confined and compact into a small, tight space.

Next this does have the wireless capabilities which you’ll have grown accustomed too – mainly Bluetooth and infrared.  This is possibly with the latest version but it’s not really an improvement when you this one has it too.  If you want Bluetooth you need to purchase the ‘with Bluetooth’ extension such as ‘Brother PocketJet 3 Plus with Bluetooth’.  I’ll admit it can sometimes get very confusing and Brother doesn’t seem to want to make things easier for themselves.  One of the really tough things about finding a mobile printing which uses thermal technology is to understand what they come with and what they can do.  There’s lots of contradictory information on the internet and websites which are selling them tend to imply that they come with Bluetooth when it is most likely an additional extra and a costly one at that.

I would say that when it comes down to it the only disadvantages are it’s slightly more likely to break and it prints slower.  Unless you’re at a construction site on working somewhere where there’s a chance that dust and grit will clog inside after awhile then you’ll be fine with regards to it getting broken as long as you treat it right.  When it comes to slower print speeds I think you should have already recognized that you were always going to be getting an inferior device when you purchase a Brother PocketJet or indeed any thermally based mobile printing device.  If these’s 3 pages per minute are life and death then getting its replacement may well be for you – but for most people 3 ppm and a slightly increased chance of break downs isn’t worth forking out the extra dollars.

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