Brother PocketJet 3 Driver

By the end of this post I’ll explain what drivers are, why they’re important and where you’re able to find the appropriate drivers for the PocketJet 3 and the 3 Plus.  Find out more below.

When talking about printer drivers there are several key differences between them and regular computer drivers.  Essentially a a computer driver allows user controlled programs to interact successfully with hardware, for example on my laptop I can choose how much graphical processing power to assign to each program and this wouldn’t be possible without my video graphics card driver.

When talking about printers, the drivers in this scenario convert the data which is to be printed (such as a text document) into a ‘language’ which the printer can recognize and successfully print out.  As you can see right away without the correct driver a printer cannot properly function.  Many printers nowadays come with Driver discs allowing quick installations and you can also find many on the internet if you need to.

However if you’ve had a printer for some years it’s very easy to lose the disc which can cause problems if you want to use the printer on a different computer.  If this is the case then in times gone by we would have had to have rung or emailed the company to send new driver discs.  However with the internet things are much simpler.

As you would expect the Brother PocketJet 3 driver is essential for the the entire device itself to work.  You should keep updating your drivers when new drivers are released because they’ll potentially solve problems or stop them arising in the first place.

Brother itself has the drivers on their website and if you’d like to be linked directly to their driver page I’ve found the section which contain the Drivers for their Brother PocketJet range for your convenience.

To properly download and install your drivers, you just have to select which device you own and then download the specific driver.  There are instructions on the webpage itself telling you what you need to know and just remember since the PJ 3 is Mac compatible you’ll find both Windows and Mac drivers in the same place, just make sure you download the right one.

Here you can find the Brother PocketJet 3 Drivers.

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