Brother HL-2270DW Compact Laser Printer with Wireless Networking and Duplex Review

The Brother HL-2270DW compact laser printer provides a great alternative to the old school money wasting inkjet printer. Most ink cartridges which allow for photos, color can cost between $20 to $100 for one refill, so times that by the amount of prints and try not to get frustrated at the real cost of usage.

The Design of the HL-2270DW Printer


The HL-2270DW has a similar overall size and feel as the Brother HL-2170W, with 32MB of internal memory and a 802.11 b/g wireless connection. As far as laser printers go, this device is rather tiny at 6.8 inches tall, 14.5 inches wide -it’s also a mere 15 pounds.

Front side of the Brother HL-2270DW Compact Laser Printer

The frontal section folds down to showthe toner dock, and like the majority of laser printers, you can take outthe paper tray, located on the face of the printer, for toner refills. You won’t need to refill too often because the printer can store 250 sheets of standard 8.5-by-11-inch A4 sized paper.  The HL-2270DW also has a manual paper feeding section that handles different paper sizes such as Letter, Legal, Executive and envelopes. I printed more than 150 pages during my tests and never experienced any kinds of paper jamming or errors.

>Side of the Brother HL-2270DW

Upon purchase, It only arrives with a “starting” toner cartridge with the printer that can only print about 1,000 pages. Afterwards, you’ll need to buy your own regular toner cartridge for $50 that can print roughly 1,500 pages, for a cheap 3.3 cents per page. You can also save your dollars by buying a higher-storage toner cartridge that can whisk out about 2,600 pages and costs around $70 for a replacement.

The HL-2270DW laser printer’s control interface is just as easy to use as the main bod, featuring an intuitive “Go” button that also operates error fixes, wake up, job pause and stop and manual feed.  It also has three small lights for toner quantity, drum, and error messages. This device isn’t as pretty and cool as many others out there… but it’s designed wit core functionality in mind.

The Features of the HL-2270DW Printer


The HL-2270DW contains 32MB of on board memory so you’re able to send more work to the printer and reduce the time taken to complete the whole printing process. The majority of black and white laser printers don’t come with many cool features, but the Brother HL-2270W does have three connectivity options for data transfer between your computer:  USB, Ethernet, and WiFi 802.11 b/g. It will also with Windows, Macintosh and even Linux.

Brother HL-2270DW Compact Laser Printer with Wireless Networking

Attaching the printer to my home WiFi connection gave me a few minor problems due to the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) standard which lets you connect another device to your home connection pretty quickly in steps which are explained in the instruction manual which comes with the printer.  Assuming you have your WiFi network name and password available, you will be able to connect your printer and laptop or desktop computer without wires like I did in just a few minutes.

Specifications of the HL-2270DW as well as Performance


General Overview

The Packaged Quantity is one meaning that you only get one, obviously.  It’s printer technology type is a laser printer, specifically monochrome (black and white only).  It’s width is 14.5 inches and it’s depth is 14.2 inches and its height is 7.2 inches.  Its weight is 15 pounds.


The printing speeds are up to 27 pages per minute via black and white which is your only option.  It features wireless, USB and Ethernet connectivity options.  Its maximum printing resolution is 2400 x 600 dots per inch which is pretty damn sex for a laser printer.  It allows for two sided duplex printing.  The first time I used the device for a black and white print out is took 8.5 seconds.  There are scalable fonts available too.  The in put tray is 250 sheets.

Paper Handling

This particular mobile laser printer can handle bond paper, thick paper, recycled paper, envelope paper, labels and of course plain paper.  The minimum sized paper it can print is 3 inches by 4.60.  The maximum size is 8.5 x 16 inches.  It can handle A4, A5, A6, B5 sizes.  It can also print Executive, letter A size and JIS B5.  The total capacity of the tray is 250 pieces of paper which should be enough.  It’s a very useful portable laser printer in this respect.

Summary of the HL-2270 Printer


The HL-2270 is an affordable laser printer that’s perfect for saving money and getting the job done.  It’s not as pretty or as functional as its competitors but it’s around 25-30% of the price at a mere 150 dollars.  Comparable printers that admittedly do more are around 400 dollars.  Although they do more they don’t do 3 times more.  They do 10% more.

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