Bluetooth Printing

Bluetooth Printing is one of the most common ways that wireless portable printer models use to transfer information from the external device, usually a laptop, to the portable printer.  Interested?  Then read below to find out how Bluetooth printing works..!

Many people send me messages asking how wireless portable printers are actually wireless if they’re out of home networks.  Now while it is true that they can use infrared, it is generally unusual nowadays because most devices use Bluetooth to print generally because it’s quicker and less likely to have bugs.

Mobile Bluetooth printers work by turning out the active transceiver and communicator.  To put it simply, when Bluetooth is switched on, it’s constantly reaching out to find other Bluetooth enabled devices.  It’s also always ready to receive information and commands from other Bluetooth devices.  This means that when you want to use your laptop’s Bluetooth for printing, you simply enable the Bluetooth on both your laptop or printer (note, this isn’t just for laptops but includes smart phones and PDAs as well).  Your laptop and printer should ‘find’ each other as long as everything’s switched on and working.

From here, your laptop will gain information about this new Bluetooth device, such as what it’s capable of.  As soon as it recognises it’s a wireless Bluetooth printer, possibly with information already installed on the laptop about the printer.  It then acts as a normal printer would, you simply open and file you want to print, and select print.  The transmission of information is then sent over the Bluetooth wireless connection from your laptop to Bluetooth printer.  Then your printer should respond to the information and print as required.  There aren’t many problems with this type of printing, but one would be that occasionally some laptops don’t actually come with Bluetooth adaptors so this is something you’d definitely have to check.

Furthermore, there’s also the technological competence point of view, for example, plugging a cable from your printer to computer isn’t hard.  But when it comes into possibly installing specific software, or opening up certain applications previously untouched some people may not really be sure what to do.  Saying that, it’s unlikely that the majority of people buying a wireless portable printer wouldn’t be tech savvy as it were.

Finally it’s also actually possible to have Bluetooth mobile printers for automobiles too!  This adds a completely new level of  flexibility and freedom, but remember that it’s not just that you’re able to print in the car, there are accessories such as cigarette chargers which combined with the fact that you now have plenty of space to store ink cartridges and paper you can actually print indefinitely as long as you have the supplies.

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