What’s a Bluetooth Portable Printer?

One of the latest pieces of printing technology to hit the shelves comes in the form of Bluetooth wireless portable printer machines.  These are predominantly wireless only units (although some can use usb hubs) that take advantage of the Bluetooth installed in many portable devices such as smart phones and laptops.

The concept is very simple; you activate the Bluetooth on both the printer and the device that’s sending the information. Using for example your laptop you wait until your device has found the printer’s Bluetooth signal, you connect and then proceed to printing the necessary information. This allows purely portable printing on the go seeing as almost all laptops and Smartphone’s are Bluetooth active.

To a lot of people this may not seem like any sort of major improvement upon everyday life, but when you look at others it can make a significant difference. For example there may be a student who’s just finished some work in the library, but would otherwise need to travel all the way back home to print it out. Now all he has to do is active his laptop’s Bluetooth (which is what he wrote the work on), then take out his Bluetooth portable printers (which itself is very compact) and get printing. All this can be done in a matter of seconds, and the only things that need to be installed on the laptop are the drivers which can be done in minutes – if not seconds on modern computers.

This all culminates in possibly up to an hour of time saved, even if the individual is only saving a few hours a week, this adds up to 100s of hours at the end of the year. These are completely unproductive hours that would be spent mindlessly travelling to the printer, when it really should be the one travelling with you! If you save 70hours during the entire year on travelling time, this means that at minimum wage (around 5 GBP) you’ll have paid for the wireless portable printer several times over!

Furthermore you’ll find that it’s possible to have Bluetooth portable printers for cars


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