Bluetooth Portable Printer Criticisms – are they for you?

When it comes to portable printers with Bluetooth there are ultimately a lot of great benefits, and they take true wireless mobility to the next level.  That’s not to say they don’t have their criticisms as well as limitations.  Find out more below.

The immediate advantages to this type of wireless technology which has been applied to printers is obvious.  To start with they’re not limited to wireless access points, and so wandering around trying to find somewhere to connect to is over.  Using Bluetooth introduces true wireless mobility, and you are no longer limited as long as both of your devices are either internally Bluetooth enabled or have external adapters.

However there are of course definite disadvantages, and my first immediate one to point out is their almost complete lack of internal Bluetooth components in most transportable inkjet devices.  Instead of thermal based devices which almost always have the option to have them within the main body, inkjet’s almost exclusively do not have this option.  For one Canon product there’s an option to mount an external adapter inside which is a great little piece of innovation – but generally for a Bluetooth portable printer you’ll be unable to do such.

Having an adapter sticking out of a usb 2.0 port on the side of your printer has a few problems.  The first being that surely you wanted something which reduced cables and hence what you had to carry around.  Admittedly an adapter is probably a little easier to carry than a cable, but it still requires you to have another thing to hold onto, store away as well as keep track of.  It seems a little self defeating to have one just sticking out, and most importantly they’re quite susceptible to an errant hand accidently smashing them out.  I’m not saying everyone’s going to be incredibly clumsy and do this, but considering you could easily be in physically limited situations such as your car the chance of such incidents occurring increase substantially.  This is further exacerbated by the exorbitant cost of having Bluetooth installed – internally or externally – which moves nicely onto my next issue, their price.

I have no idea who thinks that a few microchips and one circuit board is somehow worth 40-70 dollars but that’s the average price you’re going to be forking out if you want a wireless portable printer.  You can possibly get them cheaper second hand on websites such as Ebay or Amazon, but don’t think for one section that if you’re internet savvy you’ll be able to find a good price – you won’t.  Not only are they device-specific meaning that you can’t mix and match, but their distribution and production are heavily controlled – which means you won’t be able to quickly do a few Google searches and find a compatible product at heavy discounted prices – they don’t exist.

I’d say these are my only criticisms, and they’re definitely something which need to be considered when you’re looking at purchasing this type of wireless connectivity.  Ending up with an external adapter and the high prices are what people complain to me about the most and it’s something you need to be aware of.

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